Nissan, General Motors, Volkswagen, Toyota, and KIA are the brands with the highest sales of light vehicles to the public between January and August 2021, reveal figures from the National Institute of Statistics Geography and Informatics (INEGI).

They are followed by Stellantis (Jeep, Chrisler, Dodge, Peugeot, Fiat, and Alfa Romeo), Mazda, Honda, Ford Motor, and Hyundai. In the results of the Administrative Registry of the Light Vehicle Automotive Industry for August 2021, the agency stated that 76,235 new cars were sold in the country in the eighth month.

The number of vehicles sold in August had an increase of 1.4 percent with respect to the same month in 2020, to total between January and August 680 thousand 916 new cars sold in Mexico. Total light vehicle production in the January-August period was 2,054,584 units.

Total exports during the period from January to August amounted to 1,819,345 automobiles, which represented a 15.1 percent drop compared to 2020. The information published by INEGI corresponds to 23 companies affiliated with the Mexican Automotive Industry Association (AMIA), Giant Motors Latin America, and Autos Orientales Picacho.

The number of vehicles sold during August is lower than the 82,157 vehicles sold in July and is the lowest figure so far in 2021. New car sales in Mexico have yet to recover pre-pandemic sales levels. The market is in the process of recovery after the historic low in sales in April 2020, due to the closure of activities generated by the Covid-19 pandemic in Mexico.