Top 50: Latin America's best selling cars in 2019


While the Chevrolet Onix remains the best-selling vehicle in the Latin American region, the Nissan Kicks was positioned as a favorite in the SUV segment. As always, the ranking is strongly influenced by Brazil, Mexico, and Argentina.

Best selling car: Nissan Kicks
Best selling car: Nissan Kicks

As a result of the instability of the economies in Latin America, the regional vehicle market maintained a very oscillating movement during the previous year, which finally remained at a level of stagnation to decline. While there was slight growth in Brazil and Colombia, sales in Mexico and Argentina fell sharply.

Thus, taking the information from 40 countries and without major changes from previous years, the consulting firm Focus2Move managed to consolidate the consolidated vehicle sales in Latin America for 2019.

Of course, this 'ranking' reflects especially the records made in Brazil (2,655,297 units), Mexico (1,317,727) and Argentina (459,592). In the latter territory, sales fell by 42.7%.


There are no major surprises on the podium of the region's best-selling cars. The Chevrolet Onix, now in its first generation, continues to be number 1 in Latin America with 276,822 units, an increase of 8.1% compared to 2018 registrations.

The list continues with the Ford Ka/Figo, with 172,195 vehicles (-3.7%), the Toyota Hilux with 130,727 trucks (-3.1%), the Nissan Versa with 128,011 units (-6.5%) and the Volkswagen Gol, with 116,608 deliveries (-8.3%).

In the SUV segment, it led the Nissan Kicks, produced in Mexico and Brazil, with 92,467 units (+1.0%) and in ninth place overall. It is followed by the Jeep Renegade, Hyundai Crete, and Honda HR-V. And in the 'city cars' segment, Renault Kwid leads with 116,228 cars (+25.6%) and sixth place in the overall ranking.

The fastest growing and falling

According to the ranking presented by Focus2Move, the fastest growing cars among the best sellers in Latin America were the following:

Toyota Yaris Sedan: +55.7% (position 42)

Toyota Yaris: +42.0% (rank 17)

Toyota RAV4: +38.1% (38th place)

Volkswagen Tiguan: +32.2% (48th place)

Jeep Renegade: +27.7% (16th place)

In contrast, the greatest detriments were in the following models:

Fiat Cronos: -18.7% (46th place)

Volkswagen Vento: -15.0 (rank 32)

Chevrolet Prism: -14.0% (11th place)

Nissan March: -14.3% (23rd place)

Chevrolet Aveo: -12.9% (18th place)

Top 50 - The best selling cars in Latin America

Chevrolet Onix: 276,822 units

Ford Ka: 172,195

Toyota Hilux: 130,727

Nissan Versa: 128,011

Volkswagen Gol: 118,608

Renault Kwid: 116,228

Hyundai HB20: 103,115

Volkswagen Polo: 93,220

Nissan Kicks: 92,467

Renault Sandero: 91,670

Chevrolet Prism: 91,450

Toyota Corolla: 89,611

Fiat Argo: 87,866

Chevrolet Beat: 87,453

Fiat Strada: 82,272

Jeep Renegade: 82,194

Toyota Yaris: 80,559

Chevrolet Aveo: 79,137

Hyundai Crete: 75,482

Honda HR-V: 72,961

Nissan NP300: 73,807

Fiat Toro: 72,671

Nissan March: 70,276

Jeep Compass: 69,195

Kia Rio: 67,423

Fiat Mobi: 64,628

Ford EcoSport: 59,408

Volkswagen Virtus: 58,344

Renault Duster: 57,545

Volkswagen Saveiro: 56,446

Ford Ranger: 53,714

Volkswagen Vento: 49,318

Kia Sportage: 47,453

Renault Logan: 47,016

Volkswagen T-Cross: 43,679

Renault Captur: 42,121

Volkswagen Jetta: 41,274

Toyota RAV4: 41,147

Chevrolet S10: 40,528

Volkswagen Amarok: 40,491

Honda Civic: 40,230

Toyota Yaris Sedan: 40,115

Volkswagen Fox/CrossFox: 38,487

Volkswagen Voyage: 37,982

Chevrolet Spark: 37,551

Fiat Cronos: 35,128

Hyundai HB20S: 34,893

Volkswagen Tiguan: 34,281

Mazda 3: 34,247

Suzuki Swift: 33,886

By Mexicanist