These are the best 10 restaurants in Latin America

This careful selection of the best restaurants in Latin America recognizes the use of local products, which emphasize the cultural richness of the most important regions.

These are the best 10 restaurants in Latin America
Discover the best restaurants in Latin America.

This careful selection of the best restaurants in Latin America recognizes the use of local products, which emphasize the cultural richness of the most important regions.

The culinary world is dressed up, this is because last October was revealed "The list of the 50 best restaurants in Latin America 2019. As is already a tradition, this list is sponsored by S.Pellegrino & Acqua Panna and was revealed under the framework of the seventh prize-giving ceremony, which was held at Usina del Arte in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

For all lovers of Latin American cuisine, the list adds new and interesting information, this project has a trajectory of seven consecutive years in which the immense culinary wealth of countries such as Peru, Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Panama, Uruguay, Colombia, Mexico among other countries, which through their cuisine and talent leave high the name of their countries. Below we invite you to know the reviews of the top 10 on the list:

1. Maido, Lima, Peru

Maido is a fine fusion of Peruvian and Japanese cuisine, its chef Micha Tsumura focuses his kitchen on simple dishes full of personality among which abound local raw fish, seasonal ingredients, ancient techniques, and the most authentic sauces loaded with citrus.

2. Central, Lima, Peru

Central is the star restaurant of chefs and husbands Virgilio Martinez and Pia Leon, which is a place that has become a sanctuary of Peruvian culture. One of its main peculiarities stands out in the use of ingredients that are very difficult to obtain, the couple has dedicated themselves to knowing in-depth Peru and all its surroundings land, sea, and mountains, pursuing the firm objective of promoting sustainable values.

3. Pujol, Mexico City, Mexico

Renowned chef Enrique Olvera has left the name of Mexico very high, his project Pujol demonstrates the wonderful rustic flavors of traditional Mexican cuisine. Pujol has been a benchmark for restaurants around the world, known for its unparalleled tasting menu, which presents the most elegant dishes of indigenous heritage that pay tribute to the culinary history of Mexico.

4. Don Julio, Buenos Aires, Argentina

One of the great peculiarities of the Don Julio restaurant is the origin of the meat they serve, the Aberdeen Angus and Hereford cattle are raised on the outskirts of Argentina, fed on grass, and carefully stored for 21 days until optimum ripeness is obtained. His master griller Pepe Sotelo cooks the cuts in an unparalleled way in a traditional "V" grill, of course, this project also stands out for its exquisite wine selection.

5. Boragó, Santiago, Chile

The Boragó restaurant is a project of the renowned chef Rodolfo Guzmán, its main objective is to promote the use of Chilean products used by native Indians; this gave rise to its already famous Endemic menu that tends to vary night by night according to the ingredients of the day.

6. A Casa do Porco, São Paulo, Brazil

The name of this restaurant means "House of the pig" and is a true pig feast, which is served from the most succulent 100% Brazilian pork products. From crunchy pieces of bacon, all kinds of cuts, and tartar. To accompany such delicious meats, it stands out for its extensive international cocktail menu.

7. El Chato, Bogotá, Colombia

Alvaro Clavijo is the chef of this extraordinary project, inspired by a blend of European cuisine and with some inspiration in the United States, always emphasizing the use of Colombian ingredients and with a very original touch. One of its peculiarities is that the menu changes according to the season.

8. Leo, Bogotá, Colombia

It is the star restaurant of chef Leonor Espinoza, who emphasizes her cuisine in the use of little-known Colombian ingredients, which is why she defends the work of local communities and tries to preserve traditional culinary techniques.

9. Osso, Lima, Peru

Osso is the most famous place in Lima to try the best cuts of meat from the chuletón to the most spectacular homemade sausages. Its concept is informal, everything is grilled and promoted to be eaten with the hands.

10. DOM, São Paulo, Brazil

DOM is the project of renowned chef Alex Atala, since 1999 this restaurant focuses on merging good food with wild ingredients from the Amazon. The atmosphere of this restaurant of international stature is incredible to enjoy the tasting menu, original irreverent, and incomparable.