Discover the 5 best restaurants in Latin America

They are part of "The 50 best restaurants in the world." Peru, Mexico, and Chile stood out for their recipes with local ingredients and flavors, which could be your next tourist destination.

Discover the 5 best restaurants in Latin America
Discover the 5 best restaurants in Latin America

The influential list of "The 50 best restaurants in the world" of 2019 was unveiled this week at a ceremony in Singapore, following the introduction of new and controversial rules.

The gala, which brings together the best chefs in the world, was held for the first time in Asia in its 18th edition, after the awards began a tour around the world, when they left London to celebrate in New York in 2016, then in Melbourne (2017) and in Bilbao (2018).

Those responsible for the famous list, prepared by the British magazine Restaurant since 2002, decided this year to change the regulation quite controversially. Now no restaurant that has been crowned previously as the best in the world may occupy the first place again.

The prestigious and influential list, which is chosen by the votes of 1,040 critics, chefs and experts from around the world, has been accused on many occasions of Eurocentrist, so in recent editions, votes from other regions were reinforced and in 2013 Special lists were launched for Latin America and Asia.

Since then, the restaurants of these two continents, especially Latin American ones, have gained a starring role in the classification of the best in the world.

In the months leading up to the ceremony, some of the awards were announced, including the Miele Award for the Most Potent Restaurant of 2019, which went to the Italian Lido 84, of the Riccardo brothers and Giancarlo Camanini.

The prize for the "best cook" in the world was awarded this year to the Mexican Daniela Soto-Imes, from the New York Cosme, while the Spanish chef José Andrés was recognized for his career with the American Express Icon Award.

Restaurant magazine has divided the world into 26 regions and in each of them has selected as a jury a panel of 40 people, each of which emits 10 votes, four of them to restaurants outside their own region and that have visited in the last 18 months.

Next, the first five Latin American restaurants that are in the selection.

1. Central, Peru

It is the first Latin restaurant mentioned in the list and is ranked number six. The kitchen of this place, located in Lima, explores all the flavors of plants, fruits, flowers, herbs, etc. that sprout from the earth.

2. Maido, Peru

The Lima restaurant has the number 10 place. It is characterized by elaborating dishes that fuse the typical Peruvian and Japanese gastronomy.

3. Pujol, Mexico

In position 12 is this place that stands out for its varied cooking techniques, and for a menu that is constantly reinvented.

4. Quintonil, Mexico

It has the number 24 position in the list. Its menu includes flavors from small communities in Latin America.

5. Boragó, Chile

It is on site 26. Its dishes incorporate local products from the South American country.


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