This is the best (and most glamorous) luxury hotel in the world


There are hotels that have souls. Beyond an impeccable decoration down to the last detail, impeccable attention and exclusive services, there are establishments that manage to transmit to their guests sensations that surpass the material; that make those who stay under their roof feel that the place has been a witness and part of history.

The Peninsula Paris has been recognized by the World Travel Awards, the 'Oscar' of tourism in 2020. Photo: Courtesy
The Peninsula Paris has been recognized by the World Travel Awards, the 'Oscar' of tourism in 2020. Photo: Courtesy

One of them is The Peninsula Paris, a hotel located at 19 Kléber Avenue, in the heart of the French capital, which has just been recognized by the World Travel Awards, the Oscars of tourism, as the best luxury hotel of 2020. However, this refined five-star modernist palace in the elegant 16th arrondissement hides some secrets that make it something special.

A Novel Story

Built in 1864 by a Russian diplomat, The Peninsula Paris was for 36 years the official residence of Elizabeth II in exile after the success of the Glorious Revolution. The sovereign, welcomed in 1868 by Napoleon III and his wife, Eugenia de Montijo, renamed the Basiliewski Hotel the Palace of Castile and made it her home, in which she lived until her death in 1904.

Four years after his death, in 1908, the palace opened its doors, now as a Majestic hotel, accommodating the most select of European society, until the outbreak of the First World War altered its placid existence. It was transformed into a hospital for a few months and later resumed hotel activity, once again welcoming clients from all over the world. Among them, war correspondents such as Azorín, who from here wrote some of his chronicles.

The Nazi occupation during the Second World War ended definitively with the hotel, which became between 1940 and 1944 the headquarters of the German military command. The end of the conflict makes it first the headquarters of Unesco in the capital and then the international conference center of French diplomacy. And it is precisely here, in the lounge currently occupied by the Kleber bar, that many pacts were forged. One of the most famous, undoubtedly, was the signing in 1973 of the historic Paris peace agreements negotiated by Henry Kissinger, which put an end to the Vietnam War.

The purchase in 2007 of the building from a Chinese chain based in Hong Kong meant that it was once again used as a hotel.

After careful refurbishment, the palace reopens to the public in 2014 as The Peninsula Paris, a luxurious 200-room establishment -including 34 suites- that recovers, if possible, the glamour, service and French heritage of savour-faire.

Marble and mosaics, ceilings decorated with frescoes, walls covered with wood, spectacular stained-glass windows and statues in an exquisite ambience are some of the details that stand out from a decoration that can't be criticised in any way.

It has six restaurants, including l'Oiseau Blanc and the Kléber terrace - the largest closed terrace in Paris - that offer French and international cuisine to Chinese, delighting the most demanding customers.

However, one of the most precious corners of The Peninsula Paris is its roof, a breathtaking space on the sixth floor. From there, the views extend from the Eiffel Tower to Notre dame and the Sacre Cour.

Cars, spa and other services

As it could not be otherwise in an establishment of these characteristics, it also has a spa, a swimming pool of 20 meters and something that makes it very special: an exclusive fleet of cars - no other hotel in the world has managed to match it - at the disposal of guests.

Among its pearls -all of them green- a Rolls-Royce Phantom II from 1934 stands out for the most eccentric clients, although they also have other historical vehicles and some less ostentatious BMV or Mini Clubman.

If you dream of spending a night at The Peninsula Paris, prepare your pocket. You can do it from 845 € in the simplest room, called luxury, or, if you prefer a suite, from 1,610 € at night.

Source: La Vanguardia

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