Benefit from the Internet in your new business


If you're looking for a business to make extra money, the Internet is the most valuable resource of all. The Internet offers hundreds of possibilities to provide services and products without even leaving your home and with a low initial investment. 

Benefit from the ecommerce online. Image: Pxfuel
Benefit from the ecommerce online. Image: Pxfuel

Blogs and social networks are good tools to spread the word about your new business and therefore avoid investing in advertising. Having many followers who share your publications will help you get new customers. 

In a market as demanding as e-commerce, creativity will be the key to success. Standing out from the rest will give you better opportunities and make your business profitable. Find out how to do business online for extra money.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a business model that has now achieved optimum development. This branch of marketing has as its main objective to obtain results and involves promoting someone else's product to achieve sales and charge a commission for each item sold. In other words, if you have a blog or a page in a social network, you can spread the articles you choose either by writing an entry about them or by creating a video that promotes them. 

To do this, you must sign up for an affiliate program, such as Amazon's, since you will need an affiliate link to obtain the earnings. The idea is to get the user to be attracted to consume the product you are promoting and, if you get them to make a purchase through your link, the provider will give you a commission.

The main advantage of affiliate marketing is that it is a business model in which everyone benefits: the consumer receives a quality product, the supplier makes a sale and you get a commission. On the other hand, it does not require much time since you do not have to worry about developing a project from scratch; you only have to write an article or record a video and publish it on your blog or page. 

You don't have to worry about logistics or customer service. The only thing you will have to invest in to make it work is the traffic to your website. You must make sure that you have followers who are interested in your publications because without them you will not get any sales. If you dedicate enough time to increase your visitor flow, you could obtain very successful results.


Dropshipping allows you to create an online store without having to worry about inventory and logistics. Basically, you market a supplier's products in your own online store and generate profits through the sales you make. When a sale is made, the product is purchased from a third party who takes care of the corresponding shipping from their own warehouse. In other words, your online store is an intermediary between the customer and the distributor. 

This is beneficial for all three parties since the customer gets what they need, the distributor makes a sale and you get a commission. The main difference between this model and a traditional business is that the virtual store does not have its own inventory and, therefore, as long as the deposit has available stock, the product can be published and sold easily. The difficulty of this model lies in creating a store that is creative enough to make users buy there and generate a considerable flow of visits.

The main advantage of dropshipping is that it requires a lower initial investment than a traditional store. This is because the costs of renting offices and deposits and the items you want to have on sale are eliminated; you only need to have an agreement with a supplier to start marketing their products. 

On the other hand, running a virtual business is much easier than opening a physical store and can serve as the first step for inexperienced sellers. Since it does not deal with physical products, management only requires maintaining the website and attracting potential customers. In addition, the fixed costs associated with operating a traditional store are reduced. The only thing required to start operating is a device with an Internet connection. Also, dropshipping allows you to offer a wide variety of products and deal with large orders without any inconvenience.

Technological innovations and, mainly, the Internet, give the business world new opportunities to develop businesses that give additional money. Choosing business models such as affiliate marketing and dropshipping to start a new project can be very profitable since they do not require much investment and are able to generate large profits. The main thing to make them work is to get visits, either to a blog or to an online store, and in this sense, creativity is key.

By Mexicanist Source Diario de Mexico