Bye-bye to the chelas! Beer banned in street markets


As of this Wednesday, July 10, things will change in the street markets of Mexico City, so get ready if you notice something strange or if you perceive that some stalls are missing. From that day on, it is prohibited to make tattoos, perforations and/or micro pigmentation, as well as the sale of intoxicating beverages, medicines and cell phones inside tianguis, bazaars and other popular grocery stores in Mexico City.

Beer banned in street markets. Image: El Pais
Beer banned in street markets. Image: El Pais

Why the change?

In the Guidelines for Operation of Mobile Markets in the modality of Tianguis, Bazaars and Complementary in Mexico City, published in the Official Gazette, the capital government explained that the objective of this prohibition is to establish mechanisms in terms of supply, hours of operation, common areas, turns and attributions of these points of public commerce.

Trade that fails to comply with these provisions will be subject to a recommendation, a warning or sanction through social work, temporary suspension or cancellation of the operating permit.

Among the areas of activity are groceries, fresh fruit water, prepared food, personal hygiene items, cell phone accessories, butcher's shop, electronics, fruit shop, herbalist's, bakery and pastry shop, fish and seafood, poultry, clothing, tortilla shop and greengrocer's, among others.

No medicines, no cell phones, no tattoos

The timetable for the operation of the mobile markets will be from 08:00 to 19:00 hours (clean zone) and may be extended at the request of the civil association to the mayor's office 15 working days prior to the required date, provided that the demands of the demand are met on certain public holidays.

It is strictly forbidden to sell cell phones and medicines in mobile markets in the form of tianguis, bazaars and complementary markets.

Likewise, tattoos, perforations and/or micro pigmentation may not be carried out in order to avoid health risks, as well as the consumption or sale of intoxicating drinks, both in the area of the mobile market and in the surrounding area and in no less than 100 meters around. The government of the capital added that the Secretariat of Economic Development will be empowered to interpret the provisions contained in these guidelines.

Source: Notimex

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