Bathers walk among black waters in Acapulco

The drain of sewage remains in beaches of Acapulco, especially those near Parque Papagayo, which causes stench and affectation to the restaurateurs and to the vacationers themselves, who have avoided walking through that area and more entering the sea due to fear of that is contaminated. Tourists from Puebla, Mexico City and the State of Mexico lament the situation, which they describe as a disgust that does nothing to help the port.

Constantine Galeana Sanchez, a traveler from the state of Puebla, said that in that area you can not eat, because the smell of rottenness is intense, and decided to withdraw but not before recording a video and uploading it to social networks where they warn of pollution conditions in the zone. For his part, Francisco Garcia Sotelo, of Mexico City, regrets that Acapulco intends to be an international destination when they pour sewage into the bay and in full tourist season, and considered that the worst is that neither the municipality nor the state do anything to solve the problem.

Likewise, Jimena Ortiz Salcedo, from the State of Mexico, affirms that sewage can cause skin diseases to children and adults who have contact with the contaminated liquid, so she urged the health authorities to intervene. Despite the spectacle of pollution that represents the waste of sewage to the bay, the Water and Sewerage Commission of Acapulco (CAPAMA), in charge of its attention, has shown itself incompetent to solve it due to lack of resources, while the problem has has been disseminated internationally by tourists through their social networks.

So far this holiday season the Promoter and Administrator of Beaches in Acapulco has collected just over 273 tons of garbage, of which 58 were generated only on Christmas Eve and Christmas, according to the head of the agency, Sabás de la Rosa Camacho

Along with the trash, bad smells are a complaint from local and foreign tourists. Hotel occupation in the port, despite everything, continues to be strong. 

Source: El Sol de Mexico