Félix Pérez: Cuban power in Charros de Jalisco

Félix Pérez arrived at the Guadalajara as a power hitter and in less than a season he has become the main hitter for the Charros de Jalisco. Find out more about him.

Félix Pérez: Cuban power in Charros de Jalisco
Baseball outfielder Félix Pérez has more than fulfilled his role as a power hitter and wants to be a key player to win the title. Image: Twitter

Cuban Félix Pérez arrived as a luxury reinforcement to the Charros de Jalisco and has more than delivered. Félix Pérez came to the Charros with more than 200 home runs and more than 1,000 runs batted in during his 15 seasons as a professional, and this year with Charros he was the offensive leader in the entire regular phase of the Mexican Pacific League (LMP).

"I'm happy with the experience I've had here in Jalisco. Guadalajara has treated me very well, the fans have been very supportive. I have tried to give my best on the field. There are times when things don't work out, but I continue to put in a lot of effort and a lot of desire to improve. I hope to give my best at the end of the season," said Felix, looking ahead to the playoffs, where the Caporales already have a two-game lead over the Aguilas de Mexicali.

At the end of the regular season of the LMP, the Cuban slugger was the leader of the Charros de Jalisco with 11 homers and 46 RBIs in his account and even remained among the league leaders in both departments.

Although he closed the regular campaign with only 14 hits in 68 official at-bats during December, and with only seven runs batted in during that period, the cannon baller closed as the second-best in the entire league with his quota of 46 runs produced and hopes to reach his best level in the playoffs.

"Baseball is the most difficult sport in the world. Standing there turn by turn is a wonderful thing. You produce and you don't produce, that's baseball. Whoever is on the outside sometimes sees it differently. At any moment the hits start coming out again and what better than now that the playoffs are starting."

In the entire regular season, Félix Pérez was only surpassed by one player in the runs produced department, trailing only Joey Meneses' 47 RBIs with the Tomateros de Culiacán.

As if that were not enough, the Cuban also finished as the second-best in the league in the home run department. He hit 11 homers with the Caporales, second only to Kyle Martin's 17 with the Mayos de Navojoa.

Charros won its last four series before the start of the playoffs and now the team from Guadalajara has its mindset on the LMP title and wants to represent Mexico in the next Caribbean Series.

"We are prepared to go to the final and fight for the title. We have a good lineup, good pitching, we will give our best on the field. In the playoffs, we start from zero. Every at-bat, every strikeout, and every pitch count. We have in mind to go to the Caribbean Series in the Dominican Republic, that is our motto", concluded Felix Perez in an interview with El Informador.