Each of us wants to live a full life filled with exciting and heartfelt memories. However, cardiovascular disease is one of the major health problems. It is no secret that they are one of the highest causes of hospitalization and death. Becoming one of the statistics is not always a significant and excellent thing, so it is important to practice habits that will allow you to live a healthy life without worrying about becoming a regular figure in the disease statistics book.
10 common habits harm heart health.

You don't know your numbers

Do You Know Your Blood Pressure, Cholesterol, and Blood Sugar? Cardiovascular health can primarily be followed if you know what's going on with it because it can often be elevated without you even knowing it. Such tests may be carried out in several pharmacies as well as in specialized laboratories. Scores will help you determine if everything is OK or whether you should seek medical help.

Sitting for hours on the TV

Series, movies, shows, and the world of Netflix. It's okay to relax a bit and hook up with new or favorite movie characters, but you shouldn't start a regular, hours-long, on-screen lifestyle. Lack of exercise can affect your blood fat and sugar levels, so from time to time remember to move and reduce your screen time.

Ignoring mental health issues

Anxiety, burnout, depression, and depression are the messengers of the 21st century. Forgetting or ignoring your mental health can increase your risk of heart disease. If you continue to have depressed thoughts and moods, seek support and guidance from your friends or the attending physician.

One drink too much

"Just one more and then I'll go home!" Is a phrase that almost every one of us has said from time to time. If this is a rare occurrence, we will most likely remember it as a severe test the next morning and have little desire to repeat the phrase in the short term, however, if every party attended by 3 "footsteps", it is time to think seriously about health. Too much alcohol can increase your blood fat levels and also increase your blood pressure.

Ill-conceived diet plan

It is good to feel good and good to look good, but not always the right answer lies in eating oatmeal coated with hot water for breakfast and enjoying cooked rice with steamed chicken without spices. There is no reason for your food to be boring. By choosing the right nutrition plan from a specialist, your daily routine can be filled with tasty and good meals that will at the same time promote heart health, reduce or maintain the desired weight, thanks to the good fats, fiber, and nutrients that a well-thought-out diet can provide;


The phrase itself indicates that there is no point in preserving what is superfluous. Without paying attention and ignoring the problems of being overweight, the likelihood of developing heart disease is high, and unfortunately, most overweight people already have excess blood cholesterol or blood sugar. A more active lifestyle and well-thought-out meals can greatly improve the quality of life, as dyspnea when climbing stairs and bending to close shoes will no longer be a problem.

I'm not at risk

Automatically accepting that you are not at risk, unfortunately, does not automatically mean that you are okay. Age or being overweight are not always the only indicator that a person may have cardiovascular problems. Smoking, monotonous lifestyles, and binge drinking are the reasons why even more people are at increased risk of developing the illness. Performs regular check-ups and don't forget to see a doctor;

Smoking or living with a smoker

Of course, you've heard it a million times before: don't smoke! But it must be repeated because smoking is a total disaster for your heart. Smoking contributes to the formation of blood clots, which can block the flow of blood to the heart, as well as blocking the arteries. Smoking is a time ball that affects people around the smoker. Many people who live with smokers die each year from heart disease caused by the surrounding cigarette smoke.

Poor attitude towards medication

Let's be honest: taking pills is not a pleasure. There may be side effects and it is easy to forget to take medication, especially if you are feeling well. If you are prescribed medication that you need to take daily or take a special course, such as antibiotics, follow your doctor's instructions and do not stop taking them, as arbitrary treatment can later have a profound effect on your heart and its functioning.

Ignoring symptoms

If you were ever able to climb up to the third floor without any problems and suddenly have shortness of breath or chest pressure, it is time to call your doctor. Never assume it's just because you're not in good physical shape. Time is not only money but also health - the sooner the treatment of possible troubles is initiated, the less likely it is that the heart muscle will be damaged. It is better to come to the doctor only with concern rather than six hours of a heart attack.