Bacardi Mexico, first full operation outside of Cuba

Bacardi, the "King of the Rums and the Rum of the Kings", had its first complete production, distribution and sale facility outside of Cuba, in Mexico, the second most important market for the rum brand that dominates the Mexican market.

Bacardi, based in the Bahamas, has plants in Puerto Rico, India, Russia, and Asia.
Bacardi, based in the Bahamas, has plants in Puerto Rico, India, Russia, and Asia.

The bat company in Mexico produces Ron and Tequila with the purchase of Cazadores y Patrón. 65 percent of Ron's production is consumed in the Mexican market and the rest for export in Latin America.

In the case of Tequila, 50 percent is consumed in Mexico and the rest is for export. The case of Patrón, its consumption is mainly presented in the United States and its intention is to increase its presence in our country, explained the director of corporate affairs, Carlos Felici.

Bacardi has an annual growth of 8 to 10 percent due to the Premium trend of a higher-value beverage consumption: Bacardí 8, Bacardi 10, Martini, Gray Goose Vodka, crystalline hunters, among others.

The Bacardi product portfolio exceeds 300 and in Mexico, there is a presence of more than 170 products, which is the second most important market because it represents 20 percent of revenues.

Bacardi Tultitlán has a land of 30 hectares where different operational processes are carried out such as the manufacture of primary filtration distillation, aging, and packaging with a maximum production of 300 bottles per minute.

It has 7 wineries with capacity for 400 thousand barrels, to which date it has around 260 thousand stored that with the tremor of 1957 became the first complete operation outside the island when completing the second stage of its building in the state of Mexico because the first ones that were in Santa María la Ribera collapsed.

The Cuban company based in the Bahamas has plants in Puerto Rico, India, Russia, and Asia.

Bacardí became a supplier to the Royal Spanish House because at the end of the 19th century, curative powers were attributed to spirits and the improvement of King Alfonso XIII's health was attributed to the products he consumed from the bat's house. began to print on the bottles his label with the legend "The King of the Rums and the Rum of the Kings".

Sustainability by Bacardi

The Cuatitlán plant has an area of ​​300 hectares with 1,200 trees from different families and for 4 years it began with the practice of sustainability that today to date is certified by a third party as 99.9 percent of recycled waste.

The selection of waste per year translates into 100 tons that are compacted and sold to Holcim Apasco for its cement kilns that operate under the philosophy of caring for the environment.

The director of corporate affairs explained that the incorporation of energy produced by wind power is contemplated. Likewise, the plant in Arandas, Jalisco, uses biomass for the production of energy that is used in the plant.

Bacardi reaffirms commitment to offering future generations a sustainable world, concluded the director of corporate affairs, Carlos Felici.

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