Azulik Tulum: nature, art and ancestrality


Azulik Tulum promotes reconnection with oneself, with others and with nature; it has become a favorite getaway among celebrities, artists and cultural figures from all over the world.

Azulik Tulum
Azulik Tulum

It promotes a dynamic that breaks with the contemporary inertia of automation and that summons its visitors to an experience in which their senses are attentive and return them to the origin of life itself: one where contact with the environment is essential.

Under the notion of respectful and responsible coexistence with the environment, AZULIK Tulum was built without cutting down trees and generating the least environmental impact. As a natural consequence, its interior atmospheres are conjugated with trees that grow between the paths that lead to the Villas, structures that evoke nature generating a biomorphic architecture and landscapes that are appreciated from the tops of the trees of the Mayan jungle in nests of human scale in which diners can dine outdoors and feel themselves flying.

The union of an unrepeatable design -achieved thanks to the attention to details, for example, those made by hand with the region's liana - with a constructive methodology that defies conventions by starting from top to bottom, has been translated for AZULIK Tulum in international recognition. Its image has become an identifiable hallmark in social networks and has made @azulik.official the second account with the largest number of followers in the world in the field of hospitality.

Beyond the digital trend that has placed its attention on the aesthetics of this place, the architectural design and construction methodology have also earned him numerous awards around the world. Roth Architecture, the firm under which AZULIK develops its architectural projects, was selected as Overall Winner by the International Design Excellence Award organized recently in London by The SBID (Society of British and International Interior Design); in turn, in China they were awarded the Idea-Tops: International Space Design Awards and in New York they were recognized with the Architizer award in the Architecture and Wood category.

Prestigious publications have also talked about AZULIK and it has been mentioned as one of the best hotels in the world... In its latest edition of the 100 greatest places to visit, TIME included SFER IK, the museum of AZULIK, in its list.

Behind AZULIK lies the creative mind of Roth, the founder of this project. What began more than a decade ago as a site oriented to the hospitality of travelers, who were looking for a different way to explore the environment and themselves, today has evolved into a project with different branches that are oriented to lifestyle and sustainability.

Thus, AZULIK incorporates within its initiatives a City of Arts in Uh May, a town near Tulum; Kin Toh, Tseen Ja and Cenote, three restaurants that promote traditional and avant-garde cuisine; Zak Ik, a boutique that houses international designs that align with the use of organic materials and environmentally friendly production processes; SFER IK, a museum that exhibits leading artists of the international contemporary art scene and Aníkena, a slow fashion clothing proposal that seeks to create pieces involving the recycling and dyeing of handcrafted fabrics with natural elements, such as flowers.

Source: Milenio

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