What is the cuisine of the state of Jalisco like?

Jalisco's cuisine is the food, culinary techniques, and typical dishes of Jalisco in western Mexico. Find out more about the typical dishes.

What is the cuisine of the state of Jalisco like?
Enchiladas. Photo by Viktor Ritsvall / Unsplash

The legendary tradition of Jalisco's gastronomy is the result of the fusion of pre-Hispanic roots and the contribution of diverse migrant groups during the Colony. It is varied and full of flavor, where the use of spices and condiments gives a particular touch to its typical recipes.

The menu of typical dishes includes birria, pozole, pipián, tostadas de pata, enchiladas tapatías, salty birote, and a gastronomic challenge that should not be avoided is to try tortas ahogadas, a culinary emblem of the city.

The sweetest moment is represented by rice pudding, capirotada, jericallas, milk sweets, cocadas from the coastal region, quince cajeta, coconut, and tamarind sweets, to mention a few.

Tequila is the mythical drink of the region with a history and presence that has gone beyond the borders, not only of the state but of the country. The famous drink is made from agave grown in the town of Tequila, located less than an hour from Guadalajara.

If you are looking for something milder and more refreshing, it is worth drinking tejuino, a traditional drink made from unfermented corn and sugar cane that is drunk with lime, salt, and chile piquin.

To enjoy authentic traditional food in a popular atmosphere you can visit the San Juan de Dios Market with several stalls offering typical dishes; while for a more city atmosphere, the Paseo Chapultepec offers a wide variety of regional and international options.