The company and the union of Audi Mexico reached an agreement to stop the layoffs of unionized personnel, so the decision was made to end the work stoppage that kept the San Jose Chiapa plant at a standstill. César Orta Briones, general secretary of the Independent Union of Audi Mexico Workers (Sitaudi), gave instructions to return to daily work, as he assured that they held a meeting with representatives of the assembly plant and agreed on solutions for the benefit of the workers.

"We already have an agreement with the company, which we will announce later through an official communiqué, so in the meantime, we anticipate that the personnel cuts will be suspended until further notice. Please return to our daily work," he added.

For its part, the company of the four rings informed this newspaper that after a respectful discussion with the union, a solution was found to the requests made by the employees, so that the factory's operations were reactivated. In this sense, it was said that for Audi Mexico it is of utmost importance to maintain production volumes and thus guarantee the best working conditions for all.

It should be recalled that yesterday, August 16, the work stoppage began at 8:45 a.m., so that employees went to their respective work areas, but did not perform any activity. This was due to the constant layoffs of unionized personnel, as well as the lack of uniforms that have not been delivered since last year, which led to the work stoppage at Audi Mexico, which ended today.