At last! Women's underwear stolen south of Merida

Among the stolen items are pants, shirts, blouses and lady's underwear; the affected ones ask the security authorities to reinforce security at night.

Women's underwear theft. Photo: Illustration from Flickr
Women's underwear theft. Photo: Illustration from Flickr

Neighbours of the neighbourhoods Delio Moreno Cantón, Serapio Rendón, Castilla Cámara, Mercedes Barrera and Dolores Otero in Mérida have reported that unidentified people enter their terraces to steal garments of all kinds, especially women's underwear.

The complainers, especially housewives, said that after washing clothes as usual, in recent days they have realized that they lack pants, shirts, blouses and even intimate clothes, which has generated fear among the affected because they fear that it is depraved who is making the robberies in these colonies of Merida.

They said that the robberies have taken place at night since most of them wash in the afternoon so that the clothes dry up all night, but the next day when they are lowered, they realize the robbery. In fact, they commented that they have heard noises during the early morning, but for fear of sexual assault they do not leave their house.

One of the affected, Guadalupe Ceh, indicated on one occasion they entered to rob her house, but the curious thing about the situation is that the thief only took clothes, mainly her underwear. When her case became known, the neighbours told her that they heard a noise inside the house, but they thought that she was inside the premises.

Regarding the above, the said scene at her house that day, she found all her clothes thrown in the side window, so she immediately called the Ministry of Public Security (SSP), who when entering together with the lady, they realized that other clothes were left in the bathroom, so everything indicates that the thief took the time to check the merchandise.

She added that after that situation, the alleged thieves also harassed her, since on one occasion after bathing she realized that at least two men were recording her with a cell phone; On that occasion, she called the police but nobody was ever arrested because of this situation of robbery and harassment.

Because of this situation, several housewives asked the security authorities to reinforce the surveillance in this area of the city, as they fear for their physical integrity since they do not know if the thief is a fetishist looking for something more than intimate clothes.

Finally, several of the interviewees said that they have thought about moving away from continuing the situation with the bullies.

via: La Verdad

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