Mexican authorities detained at Cancun's international airport two women arriving from the United States who were carrying firearms in their luggage. This is the second case of its kind registered so far this month, as just on November 11 a tourist coming from St. Louis, Missouri, who arrived with weapons in his belongings, was intercepted.

According to preliminary information provided tonight in a message on social networks, National Guard agents and personnel from the General Customs Administration detained two women arriving from a flight coming from Houston, Texas at Cancun's international airport, who were carrying firearms and useful cartridges in their luggage.

Last November 11, an incident during a routine check, caused moments of alarm in the Cancun terminal and at the same time the security of the U.S. air terminals was questioned, when elements of the National Guard found a firearm among the belongings of a passenger entering the country. The incident resulted in the arrest of a foreigner who arrived from St. Louis, Missouri, with a handgun and three magazines. The subject argued that the firearm was his property, but admitted that he did not have a permit or license to carry it.

The international airport registers high passenger traffic during the weekend, for example, between Saturday 27 and Sunday 28, more than one thousand operations were scheduled. In fact, on November 27, Cancun International Airport broke the record of operations in pandemic, with 561, eight more than the previous record registered last July 17, according to records of Grupo Aeroportuario del Sureste.