Arnold Schwarzenegger reveals which Mexican politician inspired him to become governor


Arnold Schwarzenegger revealed that Mexico's former president, Vicente Fox Quesada, inspired him to make inroads into U.S. politics, later becoming governor of the state of California.

Arnold Schwarzenegger. Photo: Twitter
Arnold Schwarzenegger. Photo: Twitter

According to Schwarzenegger, he met Fox during the filming in Mexico of the film Collateral Damage; at that time, the former president was the presidential candidate of the PAN, and that year 2000 ended the hegemony of the PRI, the actor recalled during his lecture at the Citek 2019 Business Summit.

"Every night I saw how he was riding his horse, his speeches, and the things you said were so inspiring, and you were a foreigner, a businessman who started out in a truck. That was very inspiring to me and it had an effect on me to get into politics in 2003," Arnold explained.

Later, Vicente Fox visited Schwarzenegger in 2006, as he was on his way to re-election in the California government; this visit served as a strong message to the Latin American electorate that allowed the former bodybuilder to win the election.

"Since then we have maintained this relationship," said the protagonist of Terminator. Schwarzenegger received cowboy boots made in the city of León, Guanajuato, and a Mexican charro hat that bore his name embroidered in gold letters.

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