That Latin music has a musical explosion in the world is a synonym for the diversity that there is in the scene. That's how Armin Van Buuren, one of the most successful DJs in the last two decades, considers it. The creator of hits like This is what it feels like and Blah blah blah recognizes the transcendence of this rhythm, which he wishes to support from his trench.

"There are many people who love Latin music right now and I can only encourage it. This shows how vibrant the music scene is right now, how it keeps changing, and even the oldest genres manage to come back to life and enrich the world of music. That's one of the things I love about this whole industry," he said in an interview with El Sol de Mexico.

Although he doesn't openly declare himself a follower of a Spanish-language artist, Armin Van Buuren does share his interest in working with a Latin, and even Mexican, figure. "I would like to say that I am willing to work with anyone as long as their ideas are good. If someone or someone's sound inspires me, I'm ready to do it.

Armin Van Buuren released his album Balance on October 25, the seventh study material he has presented in more than 20 years of his career. An album that according to the DJ "focuses on that journey in search of inspiration, about trying new ideas and incorporating things that I already know and love. I think it shows in the balance between the 28 tracks of the album because it is very diverse in terms of sound and influences.

For the musician, this album represents the musical journey he has traveled over the last three years: "There are relatively 14 new songs, but I also decided to add the 14 tracks I had released earlier to show my fans the musical evolution. It's like a photograph of all the music I've been producing for the last three years, and it's also my first double album!

It will be in March when Armin Van Buuren reunites with Mexico, as the DJ is one of the stellar acts of the EDC Mexico 2020, along with other exponents such as David Guetta, Tiƫsto and Zedd. "I'm extremely excited. When I think of Mexico, I only find good memories of its audience. So I look forward to partying with you again during the EDC Mexico.

The musician admits that our country has been a strong inspiration for his music because in 11 years he has offered 11 concerts. "Mexico has always been a place that I love to go back to, simply because it seems to me that the energy of the people there is addictive. It's almost like a second home to me," he says.

Although Armin van Buuren has positioned himself in five years as the number one DJ Mag - the magazine that every year makes the top 100 best DJ's in the world - he created the concept of The State of Trance, one of the most influential radio stations in electronic music, and has been decorated with the Order of Orange-Nassau awarded by the government of the Netherlands for his musical contributions, the DJ still has many things to do in his career and his life.

"I'm always adding new things to the list. On a personal level, I would love to show my children more of the world and travel to places like Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. In terms of music or my career, I'm now learning to play the piano, which is something I love to do right now, even though it's really hard to learn," he concludes.