Armando Manzanero will have his own museum in Mérida

The Armando Manzanero Museum is being prepared in Merida Yucatan with the curatorship of Pepe Chapur, which is planned to be inaugurated in a year, the singer-songwriter himself announced.

Between pianos, kettledrums, scores and Grammy awards will be set the place dedicated to the composer. Photo: Clarin
Between pianos, kettledrums, scores and Grammy awards will be set the place dedicated to the composer. Photo: Clarin

In the place the Honorary Grammy will be exhibited for the career that was given to him by the Recording Academy in 2014, being the first Mexican composer to achieve it.

Manzanero reported that as part of the exhibition of his musical history as well as his works in sheet music, pencils, pens, sheets, desks, notebooks, there will be clothes like guayaberas, hats, shoes, his favorite dishes and a sui generis fact, the related division with the circus, because through the timbal he learned to play his lyrics when he was 10 years old when he worked in the circus.

"It's part of my life, the circus is without a doubt the part that I possibly hold most of my childhood, it's my fascination. I start working at the Hermanos Padilla circus, playing the timbal to entertain the audience. "

The author of "Somos novios" remembered that his grandmother took him for the first time when he was eight years old. "On one occasion when I went on my own and with my sisters to the circus, the gentleman of the timbale could not put it alone. So, I helped him to enter and then I was already doing his job. This is how I begin to have notions of the circus. And I play the timbale in the circus, which is why I also like clowns with their faces painted, "explained the president of the Society of Authors and Composers of Mexico (SACM).

Armando Manzanero was very clear in commenting in an interview, after signing the agreement of the SACM with Yamaha, that "my children are the ones who are compiling all the objects related to my work and pieces and other objects. As a parent, my life has not been traditional. In every administration (that's how he calls his marriages) a lot of things have been left. They are responsible for collecting them. "

The Mexican singer-songwriter does not forget that his father bought his first piano for him at the age of eight, then sold it to the 14-year-old. And when he arrived in Mexico City, he became one of the model Spinetta (Yamaha), which bought it in installments at a local Izazaga, Centro; and it is the hour that does not recover it. "Regrettably, one of my countrymen, Tete Cuevas, did not follow her, I would have liked to have her."

Manzanero was very brief about approaching Mr. Vicente Fernández to whom he had already given him some topics. "The work of a composer is to sow. One carries his merchandise and shows it. So we do, we leave the material and then we go to La Villa to beg the Morenita to launch the song soon.

"Vicente is an excellent friend of mine I've known him for 60 years, I saw him, he's fine, but the most beautiful thing is that he still sings very nice," he confirmed.