Animals rescued that were going to be sacrificed in rituals

Animal sacrifice in Mexico
Animal sacrifice in Mexico

The Secretariat of Public Security of Mexico City (SSPCDMX) rescued 81 animals that were in unhealthy conditions in an address of the Benito Juárez municipal government, and that were supposed to be sacrificed in rituals; In addition, the authorities arrested a man.

In response to an anonymous tip, capital agents were alerted to go to a house located on Palenque street, Narvarte neighborhood, where there were several species that suffered abuse.

Given this fact, an operation was implemented to rescue the animals at risk, so the police entered the site, where they found 19 goats, seven Guinea hens, four red hens, 16 roosters, two black hens, 23 pigeons, six quail, and four white hens, who lived in overcrowding.

Subsequently, the species were channeled to the Office of the Special Prosecutor for Environmental Crimes and Urban Protection of the Office of the Attorney General of Mexico City, where the corresponding investigation will be carried out.