AMC Networks International Latin America (AMCNI-LA) announced an alliance with Temporada de Juegos, the organizer of eSports tournaments in Latin America. Starting next year, both companies will co-produce Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) championships in Argentina, Mexico, and other countries in the region.

"Signing an alliance of this nature is a faithful reflection of the DNA of AMCNI.LA. We are committed to differentiating content that responds to the entertainment needs of new audiences. Temporada de juegos is the perfect partner to expand our business into eSports, strengthen our current operations and explore the launch in new countries through different competitions," said Ricardo Debén, Executive Vice President and General Director of AMCNI-LA.

The agreement also contemplates the organization of tournaments with professional CS: GO teams from Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Chile, Uruguay, Peru, Paraguay, and Central American countries, and the production of open tournaments from Fortnite, League of Legends, Clash Royale and Call of Duty, among others.

"Temporada de Juegos has been in the sports market for more than eight years and we believe it is the right time to expand. We are excited to be able to scale our business, incorporate new sponsors and produce new content from the hand of AMCNI-LA, a consolidated company in the entertainment industry," says Jonatan Cisterna, Director of Season Games.

AMC Networks performs well in the Mexican market

The company AMC Networks records results that solidify the growth trend of the international pay-TV group for the Mexican market. The company maintains increases in ratings, affiliate, and advertising sales as well as the presence of Mexican talent in some of its programs. AMC Networks International (AMCNI) Latin America records results that solidify the growth trend of the international pay-TV group for the Mexican market. The company maintains increases in ratings, affiliate, and advertising sales as well as the presence of Mexican talent in some of its programs.

Audience growth

So far this year, AMCNI Latin America is positioned as the fastest-growing international Pay-TV group in Mexico during primetime. This performance is based on the results achieved by AMC, its flagship channel, which increased its audience by 41% among individuals with Pay TV. The Gourmet, for its part, increased its audience by 58% among the entire universe of Pay TV.

This growth takes place mainly among men: a demographic in which the channel experiences an incredible growth of 140%. Another lifestyle channel, Más Chic, also adds to this growth, especially among women where it is 100%. Also noteworthy is the performance of Film & Arts which experienced a 33% increase in ratings over last year among a 25+-year-old male audience.

Increase in subscribers

AMCNI Latin America maintains the sustained growth in subscribers achieved in 2018, with the addition of AMC and El Gourmet to the VeTV (Sky) service. Likewise, a new agreement reached with Totalplay during the first months of 2019 has led both AMC and El Gourmet to the full distribution in that operator.

"These agreements allow us to reach more homes every day with our unique and differentiated proposal of channels. We are very happy that two leading operators such as Sky and Totalplay have chosen our brands to reinforce their programming offerings", says Alejandro Kember, in charge of the company's Distribution department.

Advertisers prefer amcni brands

The results of AMCNI Latin America, in terms of advertising sales in the Mexican market so far in 2019, recorded an increase of 38% over the revenues achieved in 2018. The great achievements made by the local team are the result of the acquisition of new advertisers and the retention of the current portfolio.

"Ad Sales' strategy for AMCNI Latin America is leveraged by the strength of our original programming and production. The number of premiere hours produced by AMC Studios and our own production in El Gourmet and Más Chic, allows us to access local talent and have the rights to integrate our advertisers' brands," explains Héctor Costa, the company's advertising sales leader.

Attracts local talent

In 2019, AMCNI Latin America expands its local cast with the presentation of Mexican talent to the screen of AMC and Más Chic and El Gourmet.

The Terror: Infamy, the next world premiere of AMC, the group's flagship channel, features renowned actress Cristina Rodlo. Más Chic, the channel for modern Latin American women, will present Cassandra de la Vega in "De compras en México", a series to discover the fashion designers in vogue and the perfect tourist spots of the Mexican capital. De la Vega participated in the "Look Party" series of Más Chic where she shared the driving with other Latin American fashion consultants.

Finally, El Gourmet once again invites Benito Taibo and Margarita Carrillo, drivers who have left an indelible mark on our audience with their series on travel and history, to discover their favorite gastronomic spots.

Each will host separate series of "The Favorites of...". In addition, Latin America's only 100% Spanish-language cooking channel will continue to expand its local recipe book with chefs such as Zahie Téllez (in the second season of "Platos de Cuchara") and Toño de Livier (in his third season of "Cocina para todos los días") who have positioned themselves among the channel's favorite drivers.