Amazon Studios to produce more content in Mexico


Amazon Studios plans to launch 15 new original and local series and 5 original and local movies annually within the next 3 to 5 years in Mexico. Among these contents will be the second seasons of 'De viaje con los Derbez', Diego Luna's 'Pan y Circo', and even a third and fourth season of the comedy series 'LOL'.

Amazon Studios to produce more content in Mexico. Image: Pixabay
Amazon Studios to produce more content in Mexico. Image: Pixabay

Amazon launched its first original movie in Mexico in 2020 with the title 'Locas por el cambio', in addition to several local series such as 'De brutas nada' or 'Ana'. Prime Video will feature a biographical series on Maradona and a sports documentary on Chivas de Guadalajara, with their history and the challenges they faced in the most recent season.

Amazon Studios will allocate more than 2.65 million dollars in donations to support film, television, and theater production in Mexico and other Latin American countries, following the impact that the pandemic has had on this productive sector. Another action that has been taken since last year is to have agreements with studios to be able to take the releases that were for the cinema to the small screen.

Amazon Prime Video is currently present in more than 200 countries and has more than 150 million users worldwide. One of the objectives is to ensure that the content generated in a country or region is of sufficient quality to travel correctly to the other countries where they have a presence.

Amazon's commitment to the original content in Mexico started in 2018 with offers such as 'LOL', while the company's efforts to have original content worldwide began in 2016.