Amazon will hold its annual event of exclusive offers for premium members, Prime Day, on July 15 and 16. "This year 15 countries are participating, it is the fifth year we do it and the third in which Mexico participates," said Fernando Ramirez, product leader of Amazon Mexico.

This year Amazon Prime Day will have WOW offers, which will be greater discounts on exclusive brands, limited quantity, and complement the existing ones. In these, brands such as Lego, Nikon, among others, will be participating.

In addition, through its streaming service, Amazon Prime Video, the company will have a live concert of singer Taylor Swift. Last year the company also launched its platform Amazon Music, in which they will have a promotion of 4 months for 9 pesos.

"In the last 12 months we have doubled our Prime members and it continues to grow; we have had a very positive response from our customers."

Last year the event grew to triple the 2017 edition and they will seek to replicate the same success this year.

"In all countries, we have had a very good response, in Mexico is one of the best days we have in terms of supply and interest of people. We are very happy with this event."

The 21 categories of the platform will be participating, this year the focus will be anchored to the promotion of its entertainment offer. The platform will once again make use of WhatsApp's messaging service and Messenger, which is used during Hot Sale, to improve its customer service.

"As far as we know from the developers, we have had the fastest growth in the history of Mexico for this type of instrument. People use it a lot to get information, solve doubts and look for products. It has been very complementary to the actions we have had in Hot Sale and now in Prime Day," said Felipe Burgaz, marketing leader of the company in the country.

The main searches in the advisory service have been the tracking of products, specific items, such as screens, among others.


In July, Amazon Prime Video will launch four series, including a national production, something that has grown on the platform.

"Last year we had The Guardian Devil, among others. This year we are very producing many more series, we saw the support, that the products are quality and that encouraged us to continue working, we hope to continue growing next year," said Lorenzo Grajales, director of communication at Amazon Prime Video.

Amazon is currently working with several local projects, such as El Presidente, El Juego de las llaves, among others. The platform's offer will continue to be expanded, so the plan to have licensed series, movies that were recently on the billboard, and own productions, will continue to be its main engines of growth.