Jesper Nielsen is the founder of brands such as Pandora, the jewelry line that was overwhelmingly successful for its bracelets with charms and incrustations of various stones, as well as Firenze Jewels and Endless Jewelry. He is a Danish who was inspired by the business model of the fast fashion giant Zara to create a new jewelry line, Amazing Jewelry, which thanks to its business model is already present in 17 countries only three years after being launched. Supported by a team of trends scouts, as he calls the people who help him to follow and find new trends, this firm is constantly monitoring the fashion applied to jewelry worldwide, then make a reinterpretation that adapts to the DNA of Amazing Jewelry, and thus launch a proposal every four weeks.

"I was lucky to have as a neighbor and friend the most famous textile entrepreneur in the world, Amancio Ortega, owner of Inditex. One day talking with him, he told me: 'I do not understand how there is not a' Zara 'in the jewelry shop, it's very stupid because someday someone will do it' and then he asked me: why do not you do it?", Nielsen recalled when inaugurating his fourth branch in Mexico, which is distinguished by having a different essence and atmosphere than what is commonly seen in this type of jewelery store.

In Amazing Jewelry, the necklaces, charms, watches, and earrings are shown in playful dressers that invite customers to take them and try them, without any protocol. It is a festive atmosphere with music, screens, lights and games, all hinting at a nightclub: "Definitely part of the attraction for the market we are targeting, which are teenagers". For him, the jewelry industry is synonymous with pampering, that's why this business seems comforting because when you buy a piece of goldsmithing you make someone feel happy or special.

"We see ourselves as if we were a part, we look for young girls to be pampered in a cool environment and with cool articles. The best part is that everything has a great price. Also, I've never heard a woman say she has enough jewelry," joked the creative.

He added that he hopes to have branches of Amazing Jewelry in all the important cities of the world in the next 10 years, just as he has done with his other firms.