Amarres series becomes one of the audience's favorites

Starring Gabriela de la Garza, the series Amarres is in the top ten worldwide on the HBO Max platform. Read more about its success.

Amarres series becomes one of the audience's favorites
Amarres serie on HBO Max. Image: Courtesy of HBO

Two weeks after its premiere, the Mexican series Amarres has reached the global top ten of the most-watched series on the HBO Max platform, according to its star Gabriela de la Garza. "Two years ago it was filmed, then the pandemic crossed our path, plus the merger of several corporations and well, the timing is perfect and this was the best moment for its launch," explained the actress in an interview with El Sol de México.

While attending the 500th performance of the play Toc Toc, De la Garza commented that this work, in which she coincided with Juan Pablo Medina and Hugo Catalán, is one of her "most beautiful works in my career", of which she is enjoying the public's reaction through social networks.

"It premiered last August 12 and we are already in the Top 10 global audience and that's because we are only seen in Latin America. The number of viewers in these countries has caused us to set trends," said De la Garza. The series tells the story of a single mother of three children, who experiences one setback after another and to get out of debt decides to follow the trade her grandmother taught her and practice white magic.

"She is a determined, brave woman, who does not give explanations to anyone and has the freedom to live her life and her sexuality as she pleases. In addition, the plot talks about many topics such as polyamory, the ludic use of marijuana, having a child with different abilities or rather having neurodiversity; and all the daily problems in Mexican society told in a comedic tone that flows or is digested more among the audience," says Gaby.

The actress also commented that she is still waiting for the best moment to re-stage Sabina Berman's play Entre Pancho Villa y una mujer desnuda, which she stars in along with actors Moisés Arizmendi, Fernando Bonilla, Alexis de Anda and Lambda García.