Amaranth production in Mexico will benefit from the blockchain


From today on, any company from different sectors that seeks to consolidate its industrial projects in technological platforms, can start it up through the LANIB Industrial Innovation Center in its National Industry 4.0 Laboratory and Blockchain created by public and private institutions, hand in hand with the Ministry of Economic Development.

The blockchain will seek to benefit amaranth production in Mexico.
The blockchain will seek to benefit amaranth production in Mexico.

With an investment of $14 million pesos (USD 713,812), between private and public investment, this laboratory will offer comprehensive services, innovative and technologically advanced, which can enable customers to implement strategies and initiatives to innovate 4.0 and add value to business processes, to exponentially enhance their organizations.

"The amount of the project was $14 million pesos, between private investment and public investment, which is divided into the installation of two laboratories, one that is installed at the Universidad Metropolitana in the state of Hidalgo and another in the cluster of Mexico City. There is a project for amaranth, from its production to its sale and it is being linked to the blockchain," said Oscar Rivera Rodriguez, vice president of Digital Market Development and Government at the National Council of Clusters mxTI.

This laboratory will be open to all companies without any limitation, to any company that seeks to make innovation, there is no specific segmentation or limitation.

The initial segments with which this project will work will basically start with the entire industrial zone of Vallejo, where work is being done in an industrial technology corridor (iVallejo) in which a more important industrial innovation cluster in the Metropolitan Zone of the Valley of Mexico is proposed.

"We want to join and integrate into the iVallejo project which is a strategic project of Mexico City, which being within the technology cluster zone. Basically it is to support the industries of the area, however we also have projects planned for the area of Xochimilco for the issue of farmers," he explained.

On the issue of job creation, the executive explained that at the moment they are working on opening 17 types of jobs but are expected to open for various areas as well as work with academic institutions, which are essential for this type of innovative project.

"The original project commits 17 jobs that we are now working on in different areas, we are also looking at the issue of training.

The work with academia is fundamental, initially, we started with the Metropolitan Polytechnic University of the state of Hidalgo and from there we are going to establish a relationship, particularly with the National Technological System and the polytechnic universities and any institution of higher education is going to be well received," said the executive.

By Mexicanist