The balance of the country's trade balance of agri-food products -agricultural and agro-industrial- recorded a surplus of 603 million dollars in January 2021, informed the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development. The country's balance of trade balance of agrifood products -agricultural and agroindustrial- recorded a surplus of 603 million dollars in January 2021, informed the Secretariat of Agriculture and Rural Development (Sader).

In the first month of the year, based on statistics from the Bank of Mexico, agri-food sales generated income to the country of 3.161 billion dollars, while imports amounted to 2.558 billion dollars. Thus, the country's total agri-food trade with its trading partners -exports and imports- reached 5,719 million dollars last January, of which 55.27% corresponds to sales made by the country, highlighted by the federal agency.

In the case of agricultural exports, although they showed a 12.1% decrease, a surplus of 345 million dollars was reported, as they were higher than imports recorded in this period and sales for 1,576 million dollars. As for agro-industrial products, last January exports reached 1,585 million dollars, which meant an annual rate growth of 9.82% last January, with a surplus balance of 258 million dollars.

The Ministry of Agriculture also highlighted that vegetables, beverages, and fruits were the main Mexican export groups in the first month of the year, accounting for more than 65%, with a share of 28%, 20%, and 17%, respectively.