How much is Roberto Palazuelos' fortune?

Actor, lawyer, and entrepreneur Roberto Palazuelos has a list of diverse businesses throughout the country. Find out what they are.

How much is Roberto Palazuelos' fortune?
Roberto Palazuelos. Image: Flickr

Roberto Palazuelos is one of the most controversial celebrities in Mexican entertainment and politics. Beyond the aspirations and macro projects that he has developed in the state of Quintana Roo, the 54-year-old actor, lawyer and entrepreneur have managed to stand out in Mexico.

According to the Celebrity Net Worth website, which specializes in speculating the fortune of celebrities, Roberto Palazuelos accumulates a fortune that amounts to USD 12 million.

All this fortune is largely due to the three hotels he owns in Quintana Roo. The first one, called Ahau Tulum hotel, is located on the Tulum-Boca de Paila highway, and on Instagram, it is one of the most "instagrammable" hotels thanks to the 10-meter sculpture created by artist Daniel Dopper.

The second hotel, called Hotel Casa Agap, is located in the heart of Tulum, is a smaller and more modest hotel, for all those travelers looking to relax in the magical town of the Riviera Maya.

The third hotel, Hotel Diamante K, is located in front of the Tulum National Park and is a smaller, more bohemian hotel where guests can enjoy outdoor activities.

However, the actor and lawyer also recently ventured into the marijuana business, where he works hand in hand with former President Vicente Fox Quesada.

"I tell you that I acquired equity in the company Paradise, which is dedicated to the marijuana business, I am formally a partner of former President @vicentefoxq and businessman @marcusdantus. I am excited about this new venture, in which I am sure we will go far," Palazuelos wrote through Instagram, making the announcement known to his followers.

Currently, on January 21, it was announced that Palazuelos will run for governor of the state of Quintana Roo with the Movimiento Ciudadano party.

In an event organized at the national headquarters of the party, the general secretary of Agreements, Juan I. Zavala Gutiérrez, delivered the certificate as pre-candidate for governor to Palazuelos, where he pronounced some words of encouragement to all the attendees.

"I am committed to the movement and the project for the state; before being a pre-candidate, I am an ecologist at heart, I am a protector of the flora and fauna and I believe that Quintana Roo will have its first ecologist governor", assured Palazuelos.

Source: Gluc