The 7 best activities to do in Mexico City


Mexico City is a huge capital, which offers countless activities and places to know and enjoy. While this is good news, it can be complicated when choosing which sites to see, especially when you do not have much time. If you are thinking of visiting Mexico City and do not know where to start, take a look at the 7 activities for you to do in Mexico City.

Mexico City is a huge capital, which offers countless activities and places to know
Mexico City is a huge capital, which offers countless activities and places to know
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Bosques de Chapultepec

It is the largest urban park in the city and the oldest in America. It has more than 680 hectares containing various lakes, museums, sports facilities, gardens, monuments, and fountains. If you visit it, inside you can find the famous Chapultepec Castle, the only real castle in America.

Chapultepec Lakeside (3)


It is the central square of the city, which is actually called Plaza de la Constitución. It is a huge space, which is surrounded by the most important buildings, such as the Cathedral, the City Hall Palace, the National Palace, and the Government Building. Visiting the Zócalo is one of the activities in Mexico that you can not miss.


Tour the museums

The cultural life of Mexico City is very broad and rich, and that is reflected in the number of museums that it offers. While there are more than 200 and it is almost impossible to cover each one, there are some that are the most important, which you can not miss. These are the Museum of Anthropology, the Museum of the Great Temple, the Museum of Modern Art, and the National Museum of Fine Arts.



Coyoacán is a neighborhood that is located to the south of the city, and we recommend that you dedicate an entire day to visit it. It is a residential area that offers samples of street art, colonial streets and a special bohemian atmosphere that invites you to discover every corner. There you can visit the Blue House, a building where the painters Frida and Diego lived, now converted into a beautiful museum.


Street markets

In all parts of its territory, Mexico City offers many street markets where you can access and enjoy their crafts and typical Mexican foods. Among the most important are the San Juan and Medellin markets. Enjoy each of them and know a little more about the culture.

Mercado Jamaica - Mexico City's Wholesale Flower Market

Colonia Condesa and Colonia Roma

These are two perfect colonies where you can spend the day walking and enjoying art, bohemian cafes and various bookstores with old copies. They are even beautiful places that you can reach and travel by bike or on foot.

Colonia Condesa

Garibaldi Square

If you want to enjoy Mexican music, you should not forget to go through the Plaza Garibaldi, where all the evenings gather several musical groups. Various art shows are offered there, and people wear traditional costumes and sing serenades to entertain the entire audience.

Plaza Garibaldi 1

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