In previous years' holiday seasons, tourists have complained to Profeco about the use of double menus in restaurants in the Diamante area. The president of the association of restaurant owners Playa Bonfil Diamante, Sergio Mejia Vargas, called his counterparts in the Diamond zone of Acapulco to avoid abuses to tourists who visit their businesses during the 2019 summer season, in order not to affect the already affected image of the port.

The businessman also hoped that the inhabitants of neighboring states such as Mexico City, the State of Mexico, Morelos, and Puebla, will cram the destinations of Guerrero and especially Acapulco despite the national discredit caused by the news of pollution of five beaches of the port. Mejía Vargas considered it necessary that in this season there are no reports of abuses in the charging of bills to tourists who visit food and hotel businesses so that the passers-by take a good expectation.

"I believe that to set high the brand of Acapulco, we have to comply with our regulations, if you have a restaurant you must have your price list at the entrance if it is a hotel you must have the rates in plain view of the public so there are no misunderstandings. I think that's the best way to promote a brand. He added that the beaches of the municipality's diamond zone do not face problems of excessive contamination by bacteria such as enterococci, so tourists can come without fear of suffering health repercussions.

It is worth mentioning that in the holiday season of previous years, tourists have complained to Profeco about the use of a double menu in restaurants in the area in question, which raises the cost by up to 100 percent in some beach businesses.