In line with the decrease in the number of visitors at the national level during 2020, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Secretary of Tourism (Sectur) of Acapulco, released the general balance of last year, which shows a general decrease in different areas.

Only in December 2020, a 46.1 percent drop was registered in the arrival of passengers to the Acapulco International Airport, compared to December 2019, when 81 thousand 930 passengers arrived, to the arrival of 44 thousand 163 passengers last month.

While during 2019 the arrival of 875 thousand 315 passengers to the Acapulco International Airport was reported, and in 2020 the arrival of 395 thousand 948 passengers was registered.

Hotel occupancy registered a drop of more than 20 percent. During 2019, hotel room occupancy in Acapulco averaged 51.7 percent, while in 2020 the average hotel occupancy was 31.3 percent.

Tourist arrivals decreased by 29.45 percent. During 2019 the arrival of 10 million 228 thousand 539 visitors was estimated, and during 2020 the arrival of 6 million 192 thousand 520 tourists to the port of Acapulco was registered.

Hotel occupancy during the winter vacation, from December 21, 2020, to January 6, 2021, was 36.9 percent, and 229,785 visitors traveled to the port of Acapulco.

On Wednesday, hotel occupancy in Acapulco averaged 18.2 percent; the Diamond zone averaged 15.3 percent, the Golden zone 21.1 percent, and the Traditional zone 8.4 percent. While condominium occupancy was 28 percent in the Diamond zone, and 35 percent in the Gold zone.