5 unmissable places in Mexico for your annual break


Choosing the perfect place for your annual break is not a simple task. The world is full of different places that are worth knowing, and Mexico offers activities and landscapes for all tastes. Here we present 5 unmissable places in Mexico that will make you decide that this is your destination in the next holidays.

Mexico is usually identified with vacations in the Caribbean and large resorts with all services included. However, it is possible to find stays in a cheap hotel ideal for those traveling with a little budget, or for those who seek to approach the local culture fully. For this, we must bear in mind that it is important to investigate what types of accommodations are available based on our budget, prior to selecting where to travel.

Mexico is much more than just the east coast and the Mexican Caribbean: there are beautiful places that are worth knowing and enjoying, such as the ones indicated below:


Mazatlán Pan

Located on the west coast of the country, Mazatlan is also known as "the Pearl of the Pacific" for its exceptional beauty. In addition, in accommodation and hotels, Mazatlan has a varied offer for all types of budget and tastes of travelers. Mazatlan is an ideal city for travelers who want to know the post-Columbian Mexican culture and for those who love deep-sea fishing. Its neoclassical and baroque buildings, the beauty of the Plaza Machado, an intense nightlife and the longest seawall in the world (21 kilometers) that separates the city from paradise beaches will make you fall in love with this city as much as your city wants. population.



Guaymas combines perfectly all the landscapes: here the sea, the desert, and the mountain coexist in perfect harmony. This city, located in the northeast of the country and on the coast of the Cortes Sea, has exuberant tropical vegetation as well as varied flora and fauna to admire. In addition to discovering the beautiful species that live here, the impressive panoramic views that can be seen from the Mirador will make your sunsets in this city magical. Of course, Guaymas, having so many different landscapes, offers activities for all tastes: beach, snorkeling, zip line, fishing, diving, hiking, horseback riding, kayaking, cycling, yacht trip, among others. Thus, Guaymas becomes the ideal place for the undecided who do not know what landscapes they want to know.


Mérida - México 2009 3865

Considered a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1993 thanks to its architectural wealth, it is an ideal destination for lovers of History. Emblematic buildings of Mayan, Roman, Visigothic and Arab architecture are combined with modern and medieval styles, to finish with beautiful contemporary buildings, making it more than pleased to walk the streets of Merida admiring these buildings. However, Merida is not only architecture: it is much more. Its quiet and peaceful stony streets are filled with life thanks to the vibrant music and the extraordinary local gastronomy. Mérida breathes culture, and that's why Lonely Planet considered it the American Capital of Culture in 2017. Without a doubt, it is a city that falls in love.

Puerto Escondido

Puerto Escondido is a city also known as the Costa Esmeralda, as the color of its crystalline waters combined with its white and fine sand beaches amaze any traveler who travels it.

Surfers Near to Cliffs in Puerto Escondido, Mexico

This destination has seven different beaches, in which it is possible to practice different water sports such as diving, recreational fishing, and sailing. On the other hand, the Zicatela beach is an ideal place to surf thanks to its waves that reach 6 meters high, which is why each year between August and November this beach is the site of an international tournament.

Cabo San Lucas

Cabo San Lucas began as a fishing village, but over time it has become home to some of the most impressive and luxurious resorts in the world. Here is celebrated one of the main fishing tournaments of the planet, besides being an ideal place to relax and enjoy beautiful landscapes and a hectic nightlife. The beaches of Cabo San Lucas combine beautiful landscapes with luxurious resorts.

Sand Spit off of Cabo San Lucas

Undoubtedly, Mexico surprises with activities and places for everyone. You just have to choose a starting point to start the next adventure.

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