5 reasons why Mexico is a good country to call home


Many foreigners emigrate to Mexico to improve their quality of life, and both they and tourists end up falling in love with its cultural richness, its people and its beautiful landscapes.

5 reasons why Mexico is a good country to live in. Photo: Flickr
5 reasons why Mexico is a good country to live in. Photo: Flickr

Although, as in every country and every city, there are also disadvantages, such as traffic in some cities and insecurity in certain areas, the reasons why Mexico is a good country to live in stand out much more.

If you want to know what it's like to live in Mexico and if it's a good option, either to stay and live or to emigrate, here are the main reasons to live in Mexico and that make this country a magical and unique home.


The people of this country are one of its great advantages. The "vibe" of the Mexicans, their good humor, kindness and above all their hospitality, make the days happier and more relaxed.

Mexicans are distinguished by their joy, human warmth, and solidarity. A Mexican, moreover, is friendly, generous and hospitable. If you are not from this country, Mexicans will surely welcome you with open arms and will want to show you all the wonders of their country and their city. By living here you will be infected by the joy and good energy of the inhabitants.


It is not surprising that food is among the main reasons to live in Mexico since this is a characteristic that distinguishes our country at an international level. Mexican food is a great part of its tradition and of the daily life of its inhabitants.

Mexico's food is even recognized by UNESCO as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. Mexico has a great variety of typical dishes and much gastronomic diversity that is enriched by contributions from different regions of the country. This characteristic will always be one of the favorite reasons for all the inhabitants to live here.

You will have a great variety of food options to choose from daily; tacos, mole, chiles en nogada, pozole, antojitos, guacamole, chilaquiles, tamales, among many others. Not to mention its typical sweets, such as palanquetas and jamoncillos.


Mexico is rich in culture and traditions. Every corner of the country has its history, traditions, festivities, smells, and flavors. Mexican folklore is made up of music, dance, carnivals, rituals, colors, prayers, typical flavors, festivities, among many others.

As well as the mariachi, the celebration of the Day of the Dead and the ritual of the Voladores de Papantla, there are many more traditions in the country, some in a general way and some unique to each region and city. Enjoying Mexican culture is part of what fills its inhabitants with joy and energy.


One of the countries with the most biodiversity in the world is Mexico. Living here you can enjoy endless landscapes of all kinds; forests, rivers, jungles, beaches, deserts, lagoons, mountains, volcanoes, waterfalls.

You can travel and get to know cities and towns with unique landscapes and never get to know all the magical places Mexico has to offer.

Low cost

Life in this country is not expensive. Living in Mexico is much cheaper compared to other countries, which is why many foreigners visit or even emigrate here.

While there are states or cities, such as Mexico City or Monterrey, where costs are higher, generally and compared to other parts of the world, living in this country is very cheap and therefore is among the main reasons to live in Mexico.

Source: Vivanuncios

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