17 people get intoxicated in Chihuahua by eating chickens contaminated with methamphetamine


At least 17 people were found to be overdosed with methamphetamine, after they consumed chickens in a street vendor, so they were transferred to the facilities of various hospitals, as they had some symptoms such as tachycardia, insomnia, stroke, seizures, agitation psychomotor among other affectations.

The events occurred in a place identified as "Pollos Rigo" installed on the outskirts of the Parque de la Villa Hermosa in Nuevo Casas Grandes.
The events occurred in a place identified as "Pollos Rigo" installed on the outskirts of the Parque de la Villa Hermosa in Nuevo Casas Grandes.

The Director of the Fifth Sanitary Jurisdiction, Alma Rosa Valles, in Nuevo Casas Grandes, confirmed that the citizens ate pieces of chicken contaminated with methamphetamine, for which 17 people were affected and hours after consuming the food, they had to be moved to the facilities of a hospital.

The events occurred in a post possibly identified as "Pollos Rigo" that was installed on the outskirts of the Parque de la Villa Hermosa in Nuevo Casas Grandes, where several citizens went to consume the chicken and hours later had several discharges in medical units by what was requested the intervention of the Sanitary Jurisdiction.

It was Sunday afternoon, when several citizens moved to the place of roasted chickens, to acquire some pieces of chicken, however, when they finished eating them, 17 people felt important discomforts like alteration in the nervous system and some others had tachycardia, therefore all moved to the facilities of various hospitals.

Those affected were hospitalized in the facilities of the IMSS Hospital, Integral Hospital, Madero Clinic, Dublan Clinic and a 57-year-old woman was taken to Ciudad Juárez to have more medical attention, as she had some serious symptoms such as seizures and possibly a stroke.

The Director, Alma Rosa Valles, when not knowing about the affectations of the 17 affected people and after the symptoms that they presented, she explained that it was decided to carry out an antidoping test to rule out that they were not intoxicated with any type of drug for which they all gave positive to methamphetamine.

"All the people tested positive for antidoping, we as a health unit took care of the risks to people's health, but we also gave a hearing to the Coespris that will monitor these affectations, while those affected will have to testify before the Public Ministry, to start a thorough investigation. "

After the State Commission for the Protection against Risks (Coespris) was seen, a piece of chicken was recovered, which was handed over by one of the relatives to analyze its content, for which reason it was transferred to the city of Chihuahua , where the study and the results are being prepared, to determine the elements that were found in the chickens.

In two or three days, the Coespris, may issue a report of what was contained in these chickens, but according to the first inquiries, the 17 people consumed without consent, some substances found in methamphetamine, such as crystal or some kind of psychotropic pill that was distributed in the food.

The ambulant post responsible for the contamination of these people, has not been located, as it constantly changes its domain given to its facilities, so it has been given sight to the corresponding authorities so that they initiate the investigation and resolve the origin of the intoxication .

Some of the substances found in methamphetamine cause great damage to health, especially if consumed in large quantities or very strong doses, which causes some of the suffering suffered by the citizens of Nuevo Casas Grandes, where they could even have lost his life as a result of some cardiac arrest, respiratory or stroke.

In some of the occasions, the State Attorney General's Office has detected drug trafficking in different modalities, one of them in some groceries, secret compartments in vehicles and different ways that little by little are detected by the security elements in the state.

So far all those affected remain hospitalized, but in constant medical observation, it is expected that within the next few days they will be discharged as they progress favorably in their health status, while the investigations continue their course through various dependencies. as Coespris, State Attorney General's Office and Sanitary Jurisdiction.

via: El Sol de Mexico