In your next vacations do not forget to take care of every detail so that you enjoy them to the maximum and you can eliminate the daily stress. Here are 14 recommended self-protection measures while traveling in Mexico to stay safe.

1. Avoid external signs of wealth (high-end vehicles, jewelry, watches, etc.) and comments that denote economic capacity, with a special warning to minors.

2. Avoid showing public documentation, credit cards, or cash, or cameras.

3. It is convenient to separate documents, cards, and money in different pockets or purses.

4. Do not carry more than money and essential credit cards.

5. Avoid ATMs as much as possible. If you need to use them, look for one that is inside more protected areas (shopping centers) and act with caution and discretion.

6. For those who hire staff: Take references. Pay extremely close attention to this.

7. In high-risk areas, change the routes in the usual journeys. Pay constant attention to the surroundings and to the people who cross in the street. Identify especially if there are people who are usually in the journey; or if there is someone or something unusual that draws attention for any reason. Do not enter or leave the house or hotel without first checking the entrance and whoever is in it.

8. In areas of high risk, avoid as much as possible off-roads in urban space.

9. In case somebody tries to steal your vehicle, do not resist.

10. If vehicular traffic is impossible because the road is blocked by criminals, keep calm, do not resist the criminals, and try not to make phone calls while you are visible.

11. If you are in a shooting area, lie on the ground and stay still and with your hands visible while it lasts. If you are in the vehicle, and there is a possibility, park it outside the public road and crouch inside without leaving it, trying to protect your head. In any case, turn off the engine. Never go out to watch when shots are heard. Do not adopt an attitude that might make those involved in the shooting think that one is armed.

12. Do not engage in any case in illegal conduct or doubtful legality, which can be easily exploited by criminals for extortion, kidnapping, or aggression of all kinds. A high proportion of victims of crime or conflicts between groups of organized crime in Mexico are people who are linked to them or who have had some contact with them, even indirectly. Third parties tend to be little or zero affected by criminal violence.

13. In case of receiving threatening telephone calls, do not keep up the conversation, do not provide absolutely any data, and hang up the phone as soon as possible. Try to look and remember the phone number from which the call was received.

14. Notify the Consulate General corresponding to the area of ​​any accident that occurred as soon as possible.

If you respect the security measures during the trip and take into account the recommendations, you will surely have a happy and restorative holiday. And you, how do you travel safely?