If you are a fan of television series, but sometimes you want to see something that is not starred by Hollywood stars, in English, and foreign production, here are 10 Mexican series that you could enjoy.


Produced by Canal Once, this series, recorded in 4 original languages and Latin, follows Malinche and the role he played during the conquest.

Club de Cuervos

Original Netflix, tells the story of Isabel and Salvador Iglesias, brothers who after the death of his father, fight to occupy the presidency of the football team they have inherited.


Starring Ana de la Reguera, follows the stories of several women incarcerated in a penitentiary center in Mexico City and the reasons that led them to that place.

Luis Miguel: The Series

This bio series tells the life of Luis Miguel, his beginnings in music, and how he became the international star that he is today, with special emphasis on the disappearance and search of his mother.

Sr. Ávila

HBO series starring Tony Dalton. Tell the story of Mr. Avila and his double life as a hitman.

La Casa de las Flores

Directed by Manolo Caro, it deals with the drama of the De la Mora family, who from one day to the next has seen the good image that they built over the years have collapsed.

Un Extraño Enemigo

Original Amazon Prime Video, addresses the massacre of Tlatelolco and everything that surrounded the tragic October 2, while trying to clarify the facts.

Soy Tu Fan

Starring Ana Claudia Talancón, follows the story of Charly, a "good girl" whose life is conflicted to meet a boy who is not at all the kind of man who usually comes out.

Crónica de Castas

With many stories narrated from the same series, he addresses the life of his original characters from the neighborhood of Tepito, while showing how they are affected by historical and social issues.

Las Aparicio

Follow the life of the Aparicio, a family made up only of women, because men die prematurely. Three generations face the problems of modern life, work, family, and sex. Check them out on Netflix, HBO GO, Amazon Prime Video, or YouTube, and do not miss out on these entertaining series.