New 10-digit dialing for calls to national numbers inside and outside the national territory will apply as of August 3 of this year, which is very simple for all users, it will no longer be necessary to dial the prefixes 01, 044, 045, or 7/8 digits. For greater peace of mind, Telcel mentions that these changes do not represent a blow to the pocket of people, because they will not have an extra cost to make the calls.

The telephone companies explain that these modifications are due to an official provision, which highlights the launch of a new dialing and the 10-digit approval for the benefit of the users, and will apply to the entire mobile and fixed telephone service industry in the national territory The important thing is to know the changes that will begin to be applied in days and one of the questions to be answered refers to the fact that dialing will only apply between cell phones or from landlines to cell phones.

In this regard, it is noted that the new dialing should be used to call any national landline or cell phone number, and only the user should always dial the 10 digits from any landline or cell phone number. If any person dials with the old method, the telephone companies already have the answer and mention that from August 3 to September 2, 2019, if any user dials with 01, 044, or 7/8 digits they will hear a message that will make them Remember that prefixes are no longer necessary and concluding the orientation will complete the call.

But pay attention to the following, from September 3 you will hear a new message that nobody should be surprised because you will only be told that the prefix you dialed is no longer valid and at that time you will be asked to review the number dialed for be able to make the call. For this, it is important to note that no changes are required in the terminal equipment to enable the new dialing, and the only recommendation that is made is that the contacts are properly on their agenda and the prefixes are removed.

If the user seeks to make calls to national numbers within the national territory, and in another case, that a call is made to a national number outside the country, only 52 + 10 digits must be dialed to complete the call. Another question that can be had with these changes will be if the concept of "The caller pays" remains in effect, in this regard the answer is simply yes. The modification will take place in a single moment in Mexico, and as of August 3, users of fixed or cellular lines will have to dial the 10 digits from this date.

At the moment, the telephony industry in Mexico makes adjustments in the systems to comply with the official provisions, and in this sense, Telcel emphasizes that it is already prepared for the change. To publicize the new dial, Telcel informs users of the changes through social networks, websites, screens in all Customer Service Centers (CAC's), and other media.