A well-brushed dog is a happy dog

Get to know more about dog brushing, an underestimated activity. Brushing distributes natural oils from the coat and activates the dog's circulation.

A well-brushed dog is a happy dog
Learn a little more about dog brushing, an activity that many of us underestimate. Photo by Ayla Verschueren / Unsplash

If you are one of those who like, live with, and keep your furry companion in your home, and for you, it is important to keep it clean, brushing is key; brushing your dog avoids the accumulation of dead hair that is shedding from him; since with this, you reduce the hair lying on the floor, and on armchairs, in addition to reducing the likelihood that your friend is attacked by parasites. Brushing your dog prevents the accumulation of dead hair. And by doing so, you distribute natural oils from the coat and activate your dog's circulation.

Benefits of dog brushing

Now, the first thing you have to take into account is what type of coat your pet has, maybe it is short, medium, long, or even curly, since each one needs different care, starting with the type of brush since each coat needs different care. It is important that if you have your dog from an early age you get him used to this activity as something normal and positive. It is highly recommended, according to experts.

That the brushing routine should be daily for 5 minutes, and once a week or fortnight do it deeply for about 20 minutes, do not forget that you have to take into account the type of hair of your pet, it is not the same brushing an English Bull terrier (short hair), a Cocker (medium hair), a Shih Tzu (long hair), eye 5 minutes is the minimum recommended time in general, but like everything, there are exceptions to the rule.

If your dog has long hair: it is recommended that you carry out daily brushing to avoid knots. Look for a brush with hard bristles and rounded tips, the brushing of these dogs is divided into 2, the first one is done in favor of the hair; to untangle it, and the second one is recommended to do it against the hair, to activate the blood circulation and to find parasites if it is the case. In the case of medium-coated dogs, the process is very similar to that of long hair.

All furry dogs molt twice a year, in spring and autumn.

For short hair: a couple of brushings a week will be enough, I use a mitten with rubber bristles that work very well for him. Be sure to brush in favor of his coat, to remove dust and dead hair.

Now if your dog has a curly coat: these, in addition to brushing, will need a haircut from time to time. Look for a comb with wide and long bristles, with rounded tips, this will make it easier to undo the knots. Brushing will also be divided into phases, in favor of the hair to untangle, and against it, then in favor again to avoid static.

Finally, do not forget that all furry molt 2 times a year, in spring and autumn, here without exception to the coat is highly recommended daily brushing to help them in the process and avoid that your house is full of hair. With proper brushing, you will be able to see how beautiful and radiant their coat can become.