A Mexican beach, among the destinations recommended by NYT for 2019

As every year, The New York Times published its list of the 52 places to visit in 2019, among which Costalegre, Mexico, stands on site 16 of the ranking.

Costalegre beach Mexico, photo from Pixabay
Costalegre beach Mexico, photo from Pixabay

Located in the state of Jalisco, between Puerto Vallarta and Manzanillo, Costalegre is distinguished for being a set of virgin beaches, headlands, bays and picturesque towns on the shores of the Pacific Ocean. For the most part, the coast is unpopulated and does not attract tourism due to the lack of easy access.

However, it is a place open to ecotourism, which offers various activities such as diving, fishing, cycling and even golf.

The US media also indicated that currently the trend in travel is toward greater awareness, sensitivity and authentic experiences. Hence the promotion of ecotourism, trips for volunteering or agrotourism. Also, travel with the idea that the last thing to do is cause damage.

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