A Dutch tourist was injured while the police pursued a thief in Playa del Carmen


A 26-year-old Dutch tourist was shot in the arm during a police pursuit of an offender in the town of Playa del Carmen, authorities said on Friday.

The police reported that the woman is out of danger. Image: stock photo
The police reported that the woman is out of danger. Image: stock photo

Identified as Elizabeth by the Mexican authorities, the Dutch is under medical observation and is out of danger, said the government of the state of Quintana Roo.

According to the official part of the local police of this region of the Mexican Caribbean, the Dutch presented a bullet wound in the right arm with an entry and exit hole.

The incident took place when the police faced shots with the criminal they were trying to capture after an argument for a debt of 4,500 Mexican pesos (around USD 237).

The Quintana Roo police indicated that this subject, whom he identified as Juan "N", had a street discussion in a central avenue of Playa del Carmen related to a debt.

The alleged criminal escaped in a grey Toyota van after stealing a cell phone, but his victim requested the support of a municipal police patrol and warned that the subject was armed.

After a first shooting with the police, the suspect escaped and was located a few streets away, so the pursuit began with bullet shots in which the Dutch tourist was involved.

According to a statement from the Public Security Secretariat of Quintana Roo, the woman received medical attention and it was determined that the injury she presents is minimal, so she does not risk her life.

Public Security of the municipality of Solidaridad, where Playa del Carmen belongs, reported that the police officers managed to arrest the offender and was already remanded to the public prosecutor's office.

Quintana Roo, where the main destinations of the Mexican Caribbean are, has been affected during the past two years by a wave of violence, apparently caused by a dispute between drug cartels Jalisco Nueva Generación with Los Zetas and other criminal groups.

Only so far in January 2019, 14 people have died in two armed clashes, seven on January 6 in a bar in Playa del Carmen and another 7 on January 20 in the resort of Cancun.

via EFE.