A body found in the remains of Emiliano Sala's plane

he British investigators announced on Monday to have detected the presence of "an occupant" in the rest of the plane in which the Argentine soccer player Emiliano Sala and his pilot disappeared two weeks ago, found the eve in the bottom of the sea.

Photo: EFE
Photo: EFE

In the video images taken by an underwater vehicle "an occupant is seen among the remains," the British Bureau of Air Accident Investigation (AAIB) announced in a statement without specifying who it is. "The AAIB is considering the following steps, in consultation with the pilot and passenger families, and with the police," he added.

Sala, 28, and his pilot, the British David Ibbotson, 59, flew on January 21 aboard a single-engine Piper PA-46-310P Malibu between the French city of Nantes and the Welsh town of Cardiff when they disappeared from the radars about 20 km from the British island of Guernsey, located on the English Channel.

The British authorities announced on Sunday they had found the remains of the plane and the next day the head of the private company that participated in the operation explained that it was "most" of the device.

"It's broken but most of it is there," David Mearns, director of the Blue Water Recoveries society, told BBC radio. He was hired by the soccer family to carry out the underwater search.

The plane was located near the place where it disappeared.

"We made a series, a long series of high-resolution passes that have been able to define that it was an airplane very likely and then call a larger ship the 'Geo Ocean 3', which is the one that has been hired by the AAIB "Mearns explained.

"They submerged with a remotely operated vehicle, which is a submersible with cameras and lights and in fact confirmed that it was the plane," he added. "They saw the registration number and to everyone's surprise most of the plane is there," said the specialist whose company worked in coordination with the British authorities.

"The family desperately wants the plane to recover," said Mearns. "They feel that they have really done beyond what any normal family could ever have done, raising this money to carry out a privately funded search to get out and get this result so quickly and now they feel it is the responsibility of the government Take the following steps. "

Since it is the scene of an accident, now "the police are involved" and it is not appropriate to try to recover the plane with private means, he stressed.

The British authorities did not specify when or how they intend to remove the remains to the surface, a complicated operation given the difficult weather conditions that occur in the area in winter.

Horacio Sala, Emiliano's father, called the news in declarations to Argentine TV Crónica TV a "bad dream".

"I can not believe it, this is a dream, a bad dream," said the father of the soccer player, who is in Argentina, after hearing the news, apparently by the call of television.

Sala's father said he had not had direct communication with the rest of the family displaced to Nantes, in western France.

"I communicate with them every day but since I do not have WhatsApp, it's hard to call them or call me." They told me that the days passed and there was no news of Emiliano or the plane, "Sala commented in a short interview in the television interview.

The Argentinian attacker had left from Nantes, where he played for a year and a half, to Cardiff, in Wales, to join the club that had just signed him for a sum estimated at 17 million euros, a record for this British team threatened with a descent to the second division.

On January 26, two days after the suspension of the official search operations, the family of Sala reported that it would continue thanks to the funds obtained through a collection on the Internet.

The family had received the support of several players, among them the Argentine stars Lionel Messi, Gonzalo Higuaín and Nicolás Otamendi.