Jalisco invites you to an unforgettable vacation

There is nothing better than enjoying a Christmas in Jalisco, which, due to its greatness and diversity, offers different options for you to experience an unforgettable Christmas in the company of those you like best. So pack your suitcase and get ready to enjoy the different scenarios that Jalisco has for you this winter.

The state of Jalisco, Mexico
The state of Jalisco, Mexico

December is one of the most eagerly awaited months of the year, and no wonder: it has stimuli for all the senses. Christmas celebrations in every corner of Jalisco dress the streets and houses with lights and Christmas Eve; the air comes with notes of carols, punch aroma and delicacies like tamales, pork loin, leg, apple salad, tacos, fritters, meatloaf, pozole, and stuffed turkey.

This last month of the year has become the perfect excuse to meet, reconcile and reunite with the people we love, but also to travel and enjoy with our families, friends, and colleagues.


Within the Guadalajara Metropolitan Area (AMG) you will find San Pedro Tlaquepaque, this town that a year ago joined the list of Magical Towns of Jalisco, has a quite wide gastronomic, artistic, cultural, handmade and visual offer.

In its Historical Center, you can find a great variety of food proposals, served in an atmosphere that includes mariachi music, spirits and an endless number of picturesque decorations that become the perfect scenario to share with your loved ones.

In addition, during these dates, they have spaces such as the Entrepreneurs' Solidarity Bazaar, in which, in addition to supporting emerging markets with your purchases, you can find a wide variety of items that can become the ideal gift for Christmas.

Also enjoy the museums that await you with different exhibitions from Tuesday to Sunday, and the artistic presentations with music, living statues and handicraft workshops in the streets of the Historical Centre. If you come to AMG, give yourself a moment in Tlaquepaque.


In the Coastal/Western Highlands Region and ascribed to the Sierra Magica Route is Mascota, also known as "La Esmeralda de la Sierra". This place offers tourists different sites such as Corrinchis dam, Juanacatlán lagoon and the State Museum of Archaeology.

You can also enjoy visits to the mines from which minerals were extracted, and a tavern to learn about the process of artisan distillation of raicilla.

As if that were not enough, Mascota will have a Christmas market that you can find in Calle Ayuntamiento, from December 21st to 25th. And to reinforce Jalisco's identity, it will have its traditional Jaripeo on December 25th in the Lienzo Charro San Ignacio.

If you want to live the Christmas tradition from a small Magic Town, this is a good option for this season, apart from the fact that you can visit the exhibition of monumental hearts representing the Magic Towns called "Jalisco in the heart", mounted in the main square.


In the Southeast Region of Jalisco is Mazamitla, one of the most acclaimed mountain destinations by the Tapatío people. A mere 136 kilometers separate you from this magical town that will welcome you among mountains, pines, mist, fireplaces and the smell of the forest. Here you can celebrate Christmas on small streets, wooden huts, horseback rides and some of its parks or waterfalls.

Its municipal market keeps for you a gastronomic area with typical dishes of Jalisco such as birria, sweets, canned fruits, and the boat, a preparation with meat, vegetables, and pulque.

Among its streets, you can also find a great variety of restaurants and cafes to recreate your palate, and views and sunsets that you will love. If this Christmas your plan is with your family, your partner or your friends, without a doubt Mazamitla is a destination in Jalisco that you can visit.


Less than an hour from Puerto Vallarta, this mining town has haciendas, churches and old mines that are still standing, beautiful mountain scenery that you can enjoy from the main square or on the Cerro de la Bufa.

San Sebastian is one of the Magical Towns within the area contemplated in the recent denomination of origin of the raicilla. A drink that has been built in a traditional way and that tastes like Jalisco and its land of wild agaves.

The fog is a blanket that rests on this locality, although the wind and the sun's rays usually dissolve it among the branches of the pines and fruit trees that are guests in the area.

Within the gastronomic offer of this municipality, we find Jardín Nebulosa, an innovative tourist project that will spice up your visit so that you can have a complete experience and at the same time support the producers of the area.

Can you imagine all this decorated with Christmas lights? Then pack your suitcase and give your eyes all the scenery of San Sebastian del Oeste.


Tapalpa, a mountain municipality with beautiful natural landscapes, cobbled streets and picturesque neighborhoods, could not be left out of this list. It is one of the closest Magical Towns to the state capital and has a wide variety of activities for its visitors.


As part of the activities it is preparing for this season, it is inviting its inhabitants to participate in a Christmas facade contest, which will make this place a landscape of lights unimaginable.

As if that were not enough, 5 km away from the municipal capital there is Las Piedrotas or Valle de los Enigmas, a place where you can go for a ride on horseback, eat, enjoy the scenery or even venture out on one of its zip lines.

Finally, Tapalpa is one of the destinations that also offers you an experience above the clouds: as part of its tourist attractions, there are paragliding tours, which will allow you to fly among its pines and mountains.

If you have not yet defined your route for Christmas, this destination is sure to leave you with an excellent feeling of well-being.


This municipality of the Guadalajara Metropolitan Area (AMG) has a wide variety of activities for you to enjoy with your family or loved ones.

To begin with, Zapopan awaits you with an ice rink that will be located in Plaza de las Americas from December 21 to January 8, scheduled open to the public from 12:00 to 22:00, with one hour of maintenance from 15:00 to 16:00.

Also, the Historical Center of Zapopan is waiting for you in its different spaces with musical shows like the Zapopan Symphonic Band, pastorelas, dance classes, and salsa exhibitions, on its walkways.

The so-called Ciudad de los Niños (City of Children) is a must to have fun for children and adults, in this winter season.


The capital of Jalisco is always characterized by the warmth of its people and at this time of year, it could not be the exception. Its Historical Center is an experience by itself; walking along Paseo Alcalde will allow you to appreciate the architecture, history, and monuments that this great metropolis has for you.

Museums, Christmas lights, markets, restaurants, and shows have their doors open for those who visit this destination to become ambassadors of its attractions.

Among the specific activities is Navidalia, a theme park that generates a Christmas atmosphere everywhere. Lights, actors, singers, and icons of these festivities gather in this proposal installed in Ávila Camacho Park.

The heart of Guadalajara awaits you with an ice rink with a capacity for 150 people, which you can enjoy in a maximum of 45 minutes. Located in the outskirts of El Santuario Guadalupe, between Juan Álvarez and Manuel Acuña streets, this rink of 40 x 18 meters awaits you from 9:00 to 21:00 h, from Saturday 14 December to Sunday 12 January. By air or by land, the capital of Jalisco is a destination you must discover.


Located in the South Center of the state, at an altitude of 1,500 meters above sea level, we have Zapotitlán de Vadillo, an ideal municipality for those who like shepherds and works alluding to the December season.

Several groups of shepherds make the presentation of talks in the parish atrium, portico of the presidency and the main garden; in this last one also the complete presentation of the talks is made. All with a starting time of 19:00 hours.

Zapotitlán is also known for its handmade huaraches. And for those who like landscapes, this destination has incredible views of the Colima volcano. If you want to appreciate some of its shepherds, attend the days: 24, 26 and 31 December.


The municipality of Chimaltitán is located in the North Central zone of the state, about 202 kilometers away. Here a Christmas festival awaits you with photo exhibitions, bike tours, mariachi music, soccer tournaments, among many other things.

Within your visit, you can find a typical gastronomical offer of the region that has cajeta of mango, guayabate, pulque, aguamiel, punch, pepián, and birria.

It also has attractions such as hot springs and the Bolaños River, which runs through the municipality, completely, from north to south. As if that were not enough, Chimaltitán carries out work in quarrying, stone, mud, palm hats, and sotol.

Get to know these and more municipalities of the state of Jalisco, in this winter vacation season.

Source: Secretaría de Turismo