The bravest, most inhuman and rebellious, this is how the Spanish chronicler Andrés Pérez de Ribas referred to the Xiximes, inhabitants of the highest points of the Sierra Madre Occidental, in what is today Durango, and in the foothills of the same in present-day Sinaloa, and who have been historically accused of being a particularly cruel...

Vicente Guerrero, one of the great figures of Mexican history, was shot on February 14, 1831. On the 190th anniversary of his death, Mexican authorities paid tribute to the man who is considered the last commander of the insurgency in the company of Martin Luther King III.

According to archaeologists and historians, the earliest traces of the use of the wheel in transportation date back at least seven thousand years. These early vehicles were pulled by horses, mules, and other draft animals, giving rise to specialized chariots for transporting goods, as well as many forms of war chariots.

The Mexican Constitution as we know it is the result of a historical process that is the result of social demands and revolutions. After Porfirio Díaz came to power and remained in office for more than thirty years, a social uprising was unleashed that opposed his dictatorship and gave birth to the Revolution.

This is the story of the torment of the last ruler of Mexico-Tenochtitlan - Cuauhtemoc. One of the noblest, brave, learned in war, daring, prudent, courageous, wise and loving; these were some of the characteristics required to be named huey tlatoani, the highest ruler of Mexico-Tenochtitlan.

The Codex Mendoza consists of 71 pages: a list of tlatoanis, a register of the subjugated peoples and a narration of the daily life of the Mexica. The codices were tools used by ancient Mesoamerican peoples to preserve and transmit their knowledge, traditions and wisdom.

Although much of the road network we know today dates back to colonial times, its origins can be traced back to ancient Mexico. The gaps and trails through which the indigenous peoples passed were taken up again by the colonizers to connect the viceregal capital with the port of Veracruz.