Does your medicine look different than usual? Do they have different packaging or name? You may have been granted a patent-free or generic medicine. You may have questions about whether this medicine is safe to use and whether it is as effective as the patented (original) medicine. This article provides answers to these questions.

Because one lives in a desert-like area, it is essential to have healthy habits such as consuming water, being active, taking care of food quantity and quality, watching one's weight, reducing stress, getting enough sleep, and avoiding excesses.

Wasn't it the domestication of wheat that made mankind prosper in the Neolithic period twelve thousand years ago? Yes, it was, because this cereal is an excellent source of energy. So why has its consumption become a threat to the health of some people? This is because of gluten, as the wheat protein blend is called, which we humans do...

Although he lost his sight completely 33 years ago, Mexican Marcos Velázquez continues to compete in triathlons and give motivational talks. For the past year, he has also had an ally he never imagined: a telephone application that has become his digital eyes.

In Mexico, the prevalence of functional disability in the elderly is about 23 % and is mainly associated with loss of muscle mass. This condition is potentially reversible, according to Dr. Heliodoro Alemán Mateo, head researcher, and professor of the postgraduate program at the Food and Development Research Center (CIAD).

What would happen if the usual colds, diarrhoeal infections or fevers became untreatable, or if a simple outpatient operation became infected, putting people's lives at risk? These would be apocalyptic moments. Although we are not there yet, we are close to the so-called "miracle drugs", antibiotics as we know them today, no longer working.

We are witnessing an unprecedented moment in human history when a single click transports us through the vast dimension of the so-called "information age". However, the growing popularization of digital media has also brought with it negative implications where "disinformation" is also an element to take into account when surfing the internet and...

Mental health, which consists of our emotional, psychic, and social well-being, affects the way we feel and deal with life's problems. Our emotional state is regulated by chemicals known as neurotransmitters, which are produced naturally in various parts of our body and travel through the bloodstream to the brain; their main function is to transmit...

Lack of hygiene in the preparation and consumption of food and beverages, in addition to insufficient sanitary measures in the handling of everyday objects, are the main causes of gastrointestinal and respiratory diseases in people.