Palo santo - the aromatic wood that has been used for centuries for traditional healing practices and in spiritual ceremonies of indigenous and mestizo cultures in Latin America - has become very popular in the commercial arena, and concerns have been raised about its conservation status.

After years of separating its revenue and subscriber figures between domestic (US and Canada) and international (rest of the world), Netflix decided for the first time to break down its international numbers by territories.

Henry Cavill and Lauren Schmidt Hissrich, protagonist and responsible for this fiction, respectively, analyze the new bet of the platform on-demand, which tells the story of a wizard who must kill monsters to survive.

Throughout Mesoamerica there are indications that confirm the use of enemas, i.e., instruments to introduce liquids into the lower digestive tract. While most of the pre-Hispanic enemas were made with perishable materials such as pumpkins or bules, guts and even rubber, some were ceramic and persist as archaeological evidence.

Plates, vases, vases, vases, and tiles cease to be common items when they are made of Talavera pottery, a five-century pottery tradition from Spain that later arrived in Mexico, where it acquired its own identity, mainly in the state of Puebla, where there has been an evolution in the designs, which are beginning to be saturated with flowers with...

The preparation of tortillas makes both the daily and festive meal special, and with the popularity of this dish in the world, people all over the world have adopted the exotic taste of Tex Mex cuisine.

Although it was once considered an annoying pest that attacked corn crops and was mercilessly exterminated, today the Mexican huitlacoche (or cuitlacoche) is considered a delicacy in countries like the United States, Germany and France, where it is called the Aztec caviar or the Mexican truffle because of its intensely smoky flavor, a mixture of...