Derived from ancestral traditions, Mexican cuisine boasts avocado as one of its most widely used culinary jewels since time immemorial, when the Mayan and Aztec peoples offered this fruit as a delicacy to the gods, to whom they also served vanilla and cocoa to pay tribute and attract blessings.

Ynés Mexía, a Mexican-American botanist and explorer who studied everything from a remote volcano to poisonous berries, is honored with a Google Doodle in honor of Hispanic Heritage Month. She is credited with the discovery of 150,000 botanical specimens.

For many Mexicans, it is very difficult to answer with a "no" when they are invited to do something they don't want or can't accept, or when they are asked to do something they can't or don't want to do, a phenomenon that surprises many foreigners.

Although it was once considered an annoying pest that attacked corn crops and was mercilessly exterminated, today the Mexican huitlacoche (or cuitlacoche) is considered a delicacy in countries like the United States, Germany and France, where it is called the Aztec caviar or the Mexican truffle because of its intensely smoky flavor, a mixture of...