The Wixárika people are an original indigenous people who have lived for hundreds and hundreds of years in what we now know as the national territory of Mexico. The original peoples had already been living here for centuries when the Spanish first arrived on this continent.

It is well known that the origin of the Three Kings Day is biblical. However, this ancient and endearing tradition has a history that few of us know. According to National Geographic sources, in the Bible, it is only alluded to in the Gospel of St. Matthew.

The Mexican flag is considered one of the most beautiful in the world, although it is generally compared and confused with that of Italy. Find out what are the differences and similarities between the Mexican and Italian flags.

The Mexican American War has its antecedents in the expansionist policies of the United States, which had been observed since 1809: the purchase of Louisiana in 1803, the signing of the Adams-Onis Treaty of 1819, with which Spain ceded the Florida Peninsula.

Ancient Mexican hairless dog has been a human companion - hunter in Central and South America for about 3,000 years. These Mexican hairless dogs have also been known as Xoloitzcuintli, meaning "God of Dogs," and these dogs were believed to have special, god-given healing abilities. They were also used as gifts to the gods, sacrificed, and eaten.

Elena Garro's (1916-1998) vocation may not have been the one that immortalized her; it may not have been literature, it may not have been her novels, her stories, her plays. She wanted to be a dancer, but perhaps the vicissitudes of life made literature a sort of call that turned her into, according to Emmanuel Carballo, "the most important Mexican...

Orchids form probably the most extensive family of plants, with over 25,000 species identified so far by scientists. Although the variation in size, color, and texture is enormous, their flowers have a basic structure: three sepals and three petals, but one of them is different from the other two and is called labellum.