The dense jungle that covers the archeological zone of X'baatún, located in the Oxhuatz ecotourism park in the southeastern Mexican state of Yucatán, zealously guards a 37-meter-high pyramid, a ball game, a cenote and several structures discovered by scientists from Mexico and Spain.

Historical population movements between Cuba and Mexico began in 1519, when Hernán Cortés sailed from the island to the Mexican coast, an event that has already celebrated its 500th anniversary.

It will always be significant to visit the Library of Mexico, located in the historic Plaza de la Ciudadela (where the so-called Decena Trágica (Tragic Decade) began) of this city.

Whichever way you look at it, Oaxaca, one of the thirty-one states that make up Mexico, is a delight. And its capital, Oaxaca de Juárez, a city that captivates with its pre-Hispanic magic, is the best destination to experience it first hand. There, the smells and flavors intensify and permeate your memory to remind you, after you leave, how much...

Derived from ancestral traditions, Mexican cuisine boasts avocado as one of its most widely used culinary jewels since time immemorial, when the Mayan and Aztec peoples offered this fruit as a delicacy to the gods, to whom they also served vanilla and cocoa to pay tribute and attract blessings.

Ynés Mexía, a Mexican-American botanist and explorer who studied everything from a remote volcano to poisonous berries, is honored with a Google Doodle in honor of Hispanic Heritage Month. She is credited with the discovery of 150,000 botanical specimens.