With a devaluation of 11%, the Colombian peso was one of the currencies that lost most value against the dollar during 2019, without taking into account the quotations of the bolivar that practically disappeared from financial operations. This behavior is related to the profound uncertainty that the exchange market has presented in the last 12...

The Chamber of Commerce (CCB) pointed out that Bogotá is the third best city in Latin America for the development of financial technology businesses and that it is advancing by leaps and bounds in the formation of a fintech (financial technology) business ecosystem.

Pedro Luis Sanchez (name changed for safety purposes) has lived most of his life in Catatumbo, moving around with his family, always seeking economic stability. To achieve it, he, like nearly 200,000 peasants in this region of Norte de Santander, made up of 11 municipalities, lives off the coca leaf plantations.

J Balvin broke new ground on this occasion by exploring the world of anime with the musical theme of the film "Human Lost". The Colombian singer has stood out in recent years thanks to his global musical success.

The East Tunnel, which with 8.5 kilometers (5 miles) in length became the longest road tunnel in operation in Latin America, was inaugurated this Thursday by Colombian President Ivan Duque, who was in charge of leading the first route.