Chiapas tours and expeditions

From Mexico City to Puebla, Tlaxcala, and Veracruz, or going through Oaxaca to its Pacific coast, maybe a route from Chiapas to the Yucatan Peninsula? There are many possible combinations so that, if you have more time, you can see different states of a beautiful country that is full of contrasts, being Mexico.

Throughout Chiapas there is a wide variety of tourist attractions, be they natural beauties, archaeological zones, magical towns, historical buildings, and recreational parks, to name a few. To take advantage of travel in the best way, routes have been drawn that often involve everything mentioned above and more. Also, the Chiapas tourist routes speak of topics that can be very interesting to explore such as paleontology, archeology, cenotes, convents, or gastronomic topics such as wine, cheese, or mezcal.