What Cancun is known for?

Famous for its beaches, historical monuments of the Mayan culture, and exceptionally developed infrastructure, Cancun draws more than 6 million tourists each year for all the good reasons.

With lush beauty of sea and land where nature coexists with a modern metropolis, Cancun trip captivates its visitors who search the transparency of its waters, its gentle waves, the fine white sand, and its natural and cultural wealth.

Cancún Mexico has the most modern and functional airport in the country, in Latin America and the Caribbean with flights and connections to different parts of the world. The destination has a first-class infrastructure and tourist services of the highest order.

Cancun weather has a tropical climate with 250 sunny days a year and an average temperature of 23 C (73F).

Cancun is divided into two completely different areas: Ciudad Cancun (city of Cancun) and Isla Cancún (island of Cancun). The city is located on the mainland, it is here that most of the local population lives, there are traditional Mexican restaurants, markets, less expensive hotels, and tour agencies. Avenida Tulum, the main street of the city, towards the south, it turns into a broad highway leading to the airport and Puerto Juarez, where ferries depart to the island of Isla Mujeres.

The island of Cancun is a sandy strip of 22 km in length, its shape resembles the number 7. This place is famous for its resorts, also called the Tourist Zone (Zona Turística). The island is connected to the mainland by the Playa Linda Bridge in the north and the Punta Nizuc Bridge in the south. Between these two areas lies the Laguna Nichupté. Kukulcan Boulevard is the main transport artery of the island while the Cancun International Airport is located near the southern tip of the island.

Below are the top 10 activities you can't miss in Cancun


Cancún has a restless nightlife with plenty of excellent places to visit and feel united with fellow revelers. The vast majority of nightlife attractions in Cancun are concentrated in the Boulevard Kukulcan, the avenue that runs throughout the resorts area, there you can find various restaurants, bars, and nightclubs.

Most nightclubs are concentrated at km 9.5 of the Boulevard, and parties generally start around midnight and continue until the early hours of the morning. As one of the most popular destinations in Mexico, buses run all night, so you don't have to worry about how to get back.


The main reason that prompts anyone to vacation and take a tour the Cancun is its coastline. Regarded by many as the best in the Caribbean (and even the world), Cancun's shores are a natural spectacle.

If you decide to stay in the city, the first ones you should visit and see are the beaches, such as Playa Tortugas, Playa Delfines or Playa Langosta.

Along this part of the city, you will see miles of white sand beach and turquoise waters, where you can simply lie back to sunbathe, take a dip or engage in any of the multiple water activities available.


This lagoon is one of the main sites of the city located in the heart of Cancún and is surrounded by mangroves. It is a natural reserve of more than 3,000 hectares and a very important site for wildlife that has survived the expansion of tourism infrastructure.

You can cross Nichupté Lagoon in a boat, or if you prefer you can travel in a quieter way in kayaks or rent a jet ski and turn your tour into a more extreme experience, and if you want to spend the afternoon enjoying the scenery, you can choose to take a boat ride and enjoy the panorama while having a drink.


Punta Cancún busy nightlife district is located in the commercial heart of the hotels' zone. Here you will find vast shopping and recreational centers, such as Plaza Caracol and Forum by the Sea, and the largest nightclubs, Dady'O and Coco Bongo.

One of the favorite places to practice photoshoots is the Punta Cancún Lighthouse. You can see many celebrating photos at this red lighthouse. It is located at km. 9. The lighthouse is right next to the Hyatt Ziva.


Few know that, in addition to waterfront and fine restaurants, Cancun has a rich history to share. Part of it is in the Mayan Museum. This museum opened only in 2012 and was designed by Mexican Alberto García Lascuráin.

Although you could tour it in an hour, the truth is that appreciating its excellent collection of pottery and objects rescued from the many archeological sites of Quintana Roo destinations, attending to the well-achieved audiovisuals and touring the archeological ruins of San Miguelito can take you more than three hours.

Mayan Museum of Cancun, 8am-5pm, every day
Mayan Museum of Cancun, 8am-5pm, every day


Cancun is a sophisticated and cosmopolitan destination that has shopping options for all travelers. It has more than 2,000 boutiques and stores. Here you will find from ultra-chic designer stores and famous brands to craft markets and souvenir shops.

Shopping in Cancun is tax-free, so it's easy to find real bargains in cosmetics and fine jewelry. There are several shopping centers that are a delight for the avid buyer. The 16% VAT (value-added tax) can be refunded if you are a foreigner and have a copy of your receipt. A minimum purchase of around $ 88 USD ($ 1,200 pesos) is required from a single product.

Cancún is a showcase of the latest fashion brands and internationally renowned designers such as Burberry, Carolina Herrera, DKNY, Ermenegildo Zegna, Louis Vuitton, MaxMara, Paul & Shark, Pineda Covalin, Purificación García, and Salvatore Ferragamo, to name a few.


Although the city center is it is not as striking as the tourist area, here you will find clothing stores, shoes, souvenirs, restaurants, small hotels, banks, squares and food stalls typical of the region, at very affordable prices where you can buy most things for little money.

The main Avenues of Cancun are Tulum and Yaxchilán. All the buses that go to the different regions of the city pass through Tulum Avenue. Here you will find the Plaza de Reforma and the Municipal Palace where the celebrations of the Mexican commemoration, art exhibitions and demonstrations of all kinds are held.

Yaxchilán Avenue is the thoroughfare that will take you to the heart of the local people's entertainment. All along the avenue, you will find Mexican restaurants with live music, mariachis, clubs, and bars.


El Rey

Cancun-El Rey-Mayan ruins (4)

Ruins of El Rey


every day

Approximately at km 19 of Boulevard Kukulcán, a few meters from the Iberostar Cancun, you will find the largest archaeological site in Cancun, El Rey archaeological zone.

The site is important because of its unusual architecture. It consists of 47 structures of a religious and administrative area in which important ceremonies were carried out.

There are two main squares limited by two streets. The King was a place of rest and worship including a Temazcal to purify himself. The site dates back to the second and third centuries BC and is related to astronomical practices.

Yamil Lu'um

Yamil Lu'um

Ruins of Yamil Lu'um


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Archaeological site with two small structures that were used as lighthouses and watchtowers more than 500 years ago. Known as 'The Dune' among locals, it belongs to the late Mayan civilization period and has two structures that according to archaeologists were part of a lighthouse and a temple.

While it is not the most famous ruin, it is one of the most visited since it is located at the highest point of the city, near large hotels.

The name was given by a zoomorphic representation of a scorpion that was found in it.

El Meco

El Meco Site Cancun, Mexico

Ruins of El Meco


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Located 5 km from (3 miles) Cancun near Puerto Juarez. El Meco site was populated by fishermen from the third century of our era, and by the 11th century, it became a prosperous mercantile Maya civilization port that lasted until the arrival of the Spaniards.

On the site you can see 14 structures, standing out El Castillo, a pyramid of 5 levels (12.5 meters, 41 feet), and La Plaza, where ceremonial and political functions were carried out.

From the top of these pyramids (the highest structure in the north of the peninsula), there is a beautiful view of the Cancun lagoon.

El Rey is a site quite unknown by travelers, but no less important. It takes its name from a sculpture found at the site in the early 1970s, which distinguished the face of a man with a large headdress. According to research, a man began to inhabit El Rey in 300 B.C., reaching the peak of its development between 1300 and 1550. To that time correspond the structures that are seen in the deposits.

El Rey Archaeological Area
El Rey Archaeological Area

The archaeological ruins of El Rey is located on Boulevard Kukulkan, one kilometer south of Nichupté Lagoon in front of Delfines Beach.

El Meco preserves the tallest and most important building in the suburban area of Cancun; its strategic coastal position in front of Isla Mujeres, placed it as an important point in the system of navigation aids, established during the Post-classic era along the peninsula; it is particularly linked to Isla Mujeres, with whose inhabitants it should have maintained a close relationship.

El Meco Archaeological Area
El Meco Archaeological Area

The monumental nucleus of the old settlement is located at kilometer 2.7 of the road that connects Puerto Juarez with Punta Sam, on land corresponding to the continental portion of the municipality of Isla Mujeres, north of the city of Cancun. Visitors can reach the site by public transportation.


Ventura Park is a family amusement park in Cancún with entertainment for everyone. This means that whether you are a child, teenager or adult, there is something to suit you. It's the perfect park for the whole family to enjoy a full day of activities in Cancun.

Wet'n Wild is a water park full of fun and exciting water activities. If you're looking for adventure, head to Aaah! Ventura where you'll find activities like zip lines and bungee swing.

Those who have children will love Fun World and its activities for the little ones. Grand Prix puts you and your family behind the wheel on a beautiful go-kart track by the sea. Take a look into the future with the fun technological world Underworld, with cutting-edge activities like Virtual Reality. And Dolphinaris is one of Cancun's number one sites for an unforgettable swim with dolphins.


Excellence in service is the common denominator and the scenery are part of the delight as palapas facing the sea, overlooking the sunsets from the lagoon, enlivened by the sound of violins, pianos, trios, mariachis, and jaraneros.

Enjoying a sensational meal should be part of a vacation in Cancun, you will find a fabulous and different restaurant for each night of your vacation, from informal to those who offer gourmet food. You can savor the culinary delights of the original Yucatecan cuisine, with a rich mixture of European and Mexican flavors.

Or, enjoy the typical Mexican food with delicious charcoal-grilled meats and a variety of sauces to try. In addition, many restaurants offer fresh lobster and if you like seafood, you should try the ceviche, a tropical Mexican specialty with fish or seafood such as shrimp, octopus or squid, with finely chopped onion, cilantro, and tomato.

The kilometer markers, numbered from the far north, are used as location markers along Kukulcan Boulevard.

For local Mexican cuisine and ambiance, try the restaurants inside Mercado 28 in downtown Cancun.

In Puerto Morelos, there is a gastronomic school of regional cuisine.

Bus routes R-1, R-2, and R-15 move up and down between Tulum Avenue and the Hotel Zone, 24 hours a day.

Tourist information desks are located within Town Hall, Tulum Avenue, La Isla and Forum, and the Convention Center.


Taxis in Cancun are regulated, safe and reliable. It is advisable to check the rates in ad; Most hotels publish a list of prices to various points in and around Cancun.

Taxi prices in Cancun are clearly set by zones. The minimum fare within the resort is indicated. In addition, taxi drivers working in the resorts area adhere to the rule: locals have to pay half of what tourists pay.

Before boarding, be sure to ask the driver the fare to avoid misunderstandings. Only an authorized taxi service can take passengers from the airport, but any taxi can take them to the airport. Therefore, the fare from the city to the airport is two times cheaper when compared with the cost of a trip from the airport to the hotel.

The bus system in Cancún is reliable and inexpensive. Route 1 circulates throughout the hotel zone, up to Tulum Avenue in the center and to Puerto Juarez. The waiting time at stops is 3 to 4 minutes.

Cancun Bus Station is located in the city center at the corner of Uxmal Avenue and Tulum Avenue. From here, buses leave for most cities in Mexico, including the capital Mexico City (26 hours). City buses regularly stop near the bus terminal from Tulum Avenue and then go to the Hotel Zone. Buses run from 6 am and 10 pm, but traffic along the main boulevard Kukulkan in the Hotel Zone does not stop even at night. The fare is indicated on the windshield of the bus.

Many bus drivers can stop even if passengers do not wait at the bus stop. For bus drivers, the following rule applies: "The one who first selects the next passenger will earn more money." When you need to exit, click the button. If you are not sure of the correct stop, show the driver the place you need on the city map or ask.

Most city bus drivers speak English fairly well. Buses go around the clock, the interval of traffic during the day is 5-7 minutes, at night - about 20. To stop the bus, you need to raise your hand, it can be done anywhere. But to get off the bus is possible only at designated bus stops, for which it is necessary to press the button in the salon of the bus.

In the mainland, tourists use mainly two main routes: R1 and R2. R1 goes to the city center, bus station, Wal-Mart supermarket, Mercado 23 market, Puerto Juarez. R2 - Wal-Mart supermarket, Mercado 28 market.

Most of the world's leading car rental companies have a branch in Cancun and rent new car models. If you plan to know all the attractions that surround Cancun and prefer to explore them on your own, this is the best option.

If you plan to visit Isla Mujeres, the ferry departs from Puerto Juarez and offers several departures every hour and there are three additional departures every hour. From Chiquila to Holbox the transfer leaves every 2 hours. For Cozumel, the ferry leaves Playa del Carmen every hour.