In Mexico, eight years after the launch of the fourth-generation commercial telephony network, the (4G) has not yet reached 90% and the tenders for the networks where 5G runs are frozen. This system is already a reality in some countries, but not yet in Mexico. Read how the 5G network is hitting the brakes in Mexico.

The U.S. government warned that Mexico has seen low economic growth since 2019, regulatory changes affecting investments are perceived and there was a weak fiscal response to the economic crisis generated by the Covid-19.

On the 1st of February 2020, Brexit Day, officially the final curtains went down on the UK being part of the European Union, and we thought the whole mess of the withdrawal saga was finally behind us. However, this was far from the truth; a new round of talks for a "new relationship" between the United Kingdom and the European...

What do Mexicans buy most online? The Internet Association Mexico reported exponential growth in online sales in Mexico. The information presented by the AMIPCI provides data on the sectors that have the largest Internet purchases in Mexico. The figures are expressed as percentages and refer only to users who make purchases over the Internet.

The outsourcing business quadrupled in 14 years. According to data from the Economic Censuses, the number of personnel working for a company through a third party increased from 2004 to 2018, the type of recruitment that increased the most in the country.

Rappi presents a new bet in the Latin American market. The Colombian startup has decided to develop an ecosystem to provide fun to millions of people in Latin America. This is an option focused on the users and their experience, who will have access to a category completely thought of them and their daily entertainment, with millions of intuitive...