The country's economic growth is stagnant and development and investment plans are moving slowly. Faced with this panorama for entrepreneurs and businessmen, the academic from the Universidad Panamericana, Guadalajara headquarters, Marco Antonio Fregoso González, recommends turning to leasing schemes as a form of financing.

In a decade, the number of outsourced workers in Mexico has tripled; more than three million people work formally under this figure. Therefore, the regulation of outsourcing requires a profound discussion that begins by understanding the reality of this modality and the ways to improve it.

5G technology could operate next year in certain Mexican niches, such as the centers of major cities or stadiums, and within two or three years nationally, but regulators and operators must act quickly.

Mexico has great potential to enter the marijuana market. In spite of being one of the main producers of this herb in the world, its horizons have been limited for more than 20 years because it cannot be legalized in the country.

A financial technology company focused on the generation of the millennium (millennials), 100% digital, with direct attention through the internet, social networks, email or telephone 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Everything, of course, in an application, or app, downloadable from a smartphone. These are some of the ingredients of a formula that...

Mexican avocado oil is no longer unknown to the Chinese and now a Mexican company intends to take it in edible oil to the market of the Asian country, where more and more people are looking for healthy products.