By reiterating the bonds of friendship that bind France to Mexico, the French ambassador Anne Grillo endorsed the interest of her country's businessmen in continuing to invest and assume their share of the risk, as long as there are clear and stable rules of the game.

Life insurance is a service offered by licensed life insurance companies for a fixed one-off payment or insurance premium or regular contributions for a certain period of time, guaranteeing the accumulation and payment of a certain amount under certain circumstances or within the time limit agreed upon in the concluded agreement.

The company AMC Networks records results that solidify the growth trend of the international pay TV group for the Mexican market. The company maintains increases in ratings, affiliate, and advertising sales as well as the presence of Mexican talent in some of its programs.

USD/MXN price today, interbank, buying and selling in institutions and banks; Euro, Yen, Yuan, Sterling and Canadian Dollar. Today, the price of the U.S. interbank dollar started this morning against the Mexican peso at $19.00 pesos.